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1.  Ingalls Library Digest: New Resources, New Names, New Yorker
Welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest, the number one source for news you can use regarding the museum's library and archives.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
2.  Ingalls Library Digest - New Databases, Re-Registration, Art Crime
Welcome to the October issue of the Ingalls Library Digest, the newsletter about the Ingalls Library. The Digest was created to keep you informed of new resources and information regarding the Library.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
3.  Ingalls Library Digest - the Big Move, Subject Pages, New Sources, Deadly Sins
Hello and welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest, your source for all things Ingalls and Library in compact form. This is a cross posting of the monthly email newsletter created by curatorial request, read on dear colleagues.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
4.  Ingalls Library Digest: New Resources, Archival Announcements, Summer Hours
Welcome again to the Ingalls Library Digest, your source for news of note related to your research home.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
5.  Ingalls Library Digest: Curatorial Request, More New Databases, Image Services Changes
Welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest, your monthly condensed guide to new resources and information about your favorite research library. This post echoes the email newsletter sent to curatorial staff for your convenience and information.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
6.  Ingalls Library Digest - ArtStor Calling, Gund Resources, Personalized Instruction
ArtStor Calling: Following the lead of the Ingalls Library, ARTStor has created a mobile version of the popular image database. Utilizing this resource from your web friendly mobile phone or tablet computer is simple.
Collection/Type: Blog entry