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1.  Bulletin of the the Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Studies in the History of Art on JStor
Researching the history of the Cleveland Museum of Art collection became easier recently with the addition of two serial publications to the JStor collection.  The Bulletin of the Cleveland Museum of Art ran from1914 to 1994, serving as the primary publication for annou
Collection/Type: Blog entry
2.  ArtStor on YouTube
ArtStor is a subscription database available by clicking Search Collections and then View Online Resources.  This online repository holds hundreds of thousands of digital fr
Collection/Type: Blog entry
3.  CMA Exhibition History
The CMA exhibition history maintained by the Archives is new and improved. The history, which used to be a collection of 91 individual web pages arranged by year, is now a searchable database.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
4.  Grove Art Online
Grove Art Online is the electronic version of Grove’s Dictionary of Art and the
Collection/Type: Blog entry
5.  JStor Tips and Tricks
JStor is an online journal repository covering numerous disciplines available through the Ingalls Library
Collection/Type: Blog entry