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1.  Lucian Freud
Like anyone I noted the death of Lucian Freud today, reading with great interest his obituary in the New York Times.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
2.  Burning Houses Draw a Crowd
The museum's J.M.W. Turner masterpiece the Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 16 October 1834 has moved.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
3.  Deaccessioning
A recent article in the Plain Dealer noted the auction of a group of paintings owned by the Cleveland Museum of Art.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
4.  Ingalls Library Digest - New Resources, New Equipment, New Titles
Welcome to the first Ingalls Library Digest. We created this condensed newsletter in response to input from the Curatorial Library Committee, asking for more information regarding the additional resources available at the library.
Collection/Type: Blog entry