Recent Acquisitions

Van Gogh's Sketchbooks

Submitted by Marsha Morrow on

Vincent van Gogh, the influential Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, left one of the world’s greatest artistic legacies. A fundamental component of this legacy is his sketchbooks. They contain a dazzling variety of drawings, some quick and incomplete, some as polished as anything that hangs in a gallery.

T.R. Ericsson's Crackle & Drag, Vol. 2

Submitted by Anne Trenholme on

Visitors to the recent CMA exhibition DIY: Photographers and Books (August- December 2012) organized by Curator of Photography Barbara Tannenbaum might remember a coming across a box housing 50 booklets revealing family portraits, documents, and other materials relating to the family of the artist, T.R. Ericsson. This is actually Volume 2 of Ericsson’s ongoing series, Crackle & Drag.

The Book of Books by Stephen Shore

Submitted by Marsha Morrow on

Intrigued by the creative potential of print-on-demand technology, in 2003 Stephen Shore began making a series of books using Apple’s iPhoto service. Each book was a visual record of his activities on one particular day. The project shifted in emphasis in August 2005: wherever he was in the world, Shore would make an entire book on days that The New York Times deemed an event newsworthy enough to apply one of its six-column, full-width banner headlines to it.