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1.  Recent Acquisition: Unwrapping the 'Isabella Hours' Facsimile
Ever wonder what it looks like when a new book arrives at the library? What about one out of a limited edition? Watch the video below to see a facsimile of the the museum's Hours of Queen Isabella the Catholic, Queen of Spain being unwrapped!
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2.  Hidden Magazine Rack
Notable titles that do not have a coveted spot in Recent Acquisitions.
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3.  Van Gogh's Sketchbooks
Vincent van Gogh, the influential Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, left one of the world’s greatest artistic legacies. A fundamental component of this legacy is his sketchbooks. They contain a dazzling variety of drawings, some quick and incomplete, some as polished as anything that hangs in a gallery.
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4.  T.R. Ericsson's Crackle & Drag, Vol. 2
Visitors to the recent CMA exhibition DIY: Photographers and Books (August- December 2012) organized by Curator of Photography Barbara Tannenbaum might remember a coming across a box housing 50 booklets revealing family portraits, documents, and other materials relating to the family of the artist, T.R. Ericsson. This is actually Volume 2 of Ericsson’s ongoing series, Crackle & Drag.
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5.  The Book of Books by Stephen Shore
Intrigued by the creative potential of print-on-demand technology, in 2003 Stephen Shore began making a series of books using Apple’s iPhoto service. Each book was a visual record of his activities on one particular day.
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6.  Christo and Jeanne-Claude: 75
Christo (b.1935) generously donated to the Ingalls Library a copy of this monumental work celebrating the 75th birthdays of both he and his late wife,
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7.  How the Watch was Worn: A Fashion for 500 Years
Genevieve Cummins opens her brief introduction, "This is a book on the manner, style and fashion of the wearing of watches for men and women. The working of the watch has received much deserved attention...the decoration has also been well covered.
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8.  Magazine Rack - Curatorial Publication, Objects in Print, Lakewood Craftsman
The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1200 current serial titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number. This ongoing series will highlight articles and issues from the Ingalls Library magazine rack, noting publication of Cleveland Museum of Art objects, by curators, and about the museum.
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9.  This is not Spiritual America
Paging through Pop Life: Art in a Material World, a casual reader might not even notice the beige sticker affixed to page 123, that blithely states, "This image has been obscured on legal advice."
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10.  Love, Actually…
Exchanging love tokens appears to be a timeless tradition. A new book in Recent Acquisitions, Masterpieces : Medieval Art, displays a number of them from the British Museum in great detail.
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