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1.  Ingalls Library on the Move
With staggering numbers, over a hundred thousand volumes in four thousand boxes to be reintegrated into a collection of a nearly a half million, it is difficult to truly explain the move project currently underway at the Ingalls Library.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
2.  Magazine Rack - Curatorial Quotes and Objects in Print
The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1,200 currently received periodical  titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
3.  Ingalls Library Digest: Move Preparations, New Resources, Online Form
Welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest for June and July. This is your single source for information by and about your research library. This message is cross posted from the monthly curatorial newsletter for your convenience.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
4.  Ingalls Library Digest: New Resources, Archival Announcements, Summer Hours
Welcome again to the Ingalls Library Digest, your source for news of note related to your research home.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
5.  Ingalls Library Digest: Curatorial Request, More New Databases, Image Services Changes
Welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest, your monthly condensed guide to new resources and information about your favorite research library. This post echoes the email newsletter sent to curatorial staff for your convenience and information.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
6.  Magazine Rack - Curatorial Publication, Objects in Print, Lakewood Craftsman
The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1200 current serial titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number. This ongoing series will highlight articles and issues from the Ingalls Library magazine rack, noting publication of Cleveland Museum of Art objects, by curators, and about the museum.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
7.  Ingalls Library Digest - ArtStor Calling, Gund Resources, Personalized Instruction
ArtStor Calling: Following the lead of the Ingalls Library, ARTStor has created a mobile version of the popular image database. Utilizing this resource from your web friendly mobile phone or tablet computer is simple.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
8.  Horace Walpole and the Strawberry Hill Sale of 1842
Horace Walpole (1717–1797), 4th Earl of Orford, was an English art historian, man of letters, antiquarian, author, and politician.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
9.  Ingalls Library Digest - New Chair, Resource Updates, Hit the Links, Canadian Invasion
Hello and welcome to the second edition of the Ingalls Library Digest, please make a note if it.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
10.  The Ingalls Library has never been easier to visit, online or in person.
With Bookmobile, online at, a smartphone friendly version of our catalog is at your fingertips. See a book at a bookstore and wonder if we have a copy of it? Check the Bookmobile! In the galleries and a question about an artwork is stumping you?
Collection/Type: Blog entry