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1.  Dateline Cleveland
Cleveland Museum of Art press releases dating from January 1950 through early March 2004 have been digitized by the museum archives and are now available online. The collection, documenting acquisitions, lectures, exhibitions, and other museum events, can be viewed on the Internet Archive at: Over forty-five hundred press releases can be browsed by topic and searched by keyword or date by using the search this collection box.
Collection/Type: Blog entry
2.  VRA Foundation Awards Project Grant to Museum Archives
The Board of Directors of the Visual Resources Association Foundation is pleased to announce the two awards for its Fall 2012 VRAF Project Grant. One award is to Leslie Cade, of the Cleveland Museum of Art, for her project "CMA: Analog Master Negatives Digitization Project." The other award is to Meghan Petersen, of the Currier Museum of Art, for her project "Currier Bulletins Digitization Project." The amount of both awards is $1500.00.
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