Art Terms Glossary beginning with H

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One of the basic ways an artist builds up form through purely linear means: the artist makes closely spaced parallel lines with a drawing instrument, usually pen and ink or chalk, in order to create areas of tone, as we see in this detail of a leg in a Michelangelo figure drawing. In \"Cross-Hatching,\" the artist adds another set of lines in the opposite direction, creating a gridlike, diamond-shaped pattern, as seen in Dürer's arm of Eve.
Historiated Initial
An enlarged initial containing individual figures or groups that interact; they often form narrative scenes that illustrate or refer to the text they introduce.
Humanistic Codex
A book that reflects the conscious reformation of script and book design promoted by the Italian humanists of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The book aesthetic of this period reflecting the revival of classical learning.
A white mineral composed of magnesium calcium carbonate.
An instrument for measuring humidity