Art Terms Glossary beginning with L

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Laid Paper
Made using a mold covered with wires to form a distinctive grid pattern of laid lines-horizontal wires placed closely together, and chain lines-more widely spaced vertical wires. This pattern transfers to the final sheet of paper and becomes and essential identifying feature.
Lavis Manner Etching And Engraving
An intaglio method which uses tools ending in dense clusters of minute points so that the tools abrade the copper plate to leave delicately textured surfaces capable of catching just enough ink to print in filmy layers of color.
Lime is prepared by heating calcium (limestone, marble, chalk and shells) to 540 C - a process known as calcining. Lime is used in plaster, mortar, and cement to form durable aggregates. When calcium carbonate is heated, carbon dioxide is driven off leaving anhydrous calcium oxide or quicklime. When quicklime is soaked in water, it is changed to calcium hydroxide or slaked lime. Slaked lime that is dried and ground to a fine powder is called hydrated lime.
Linoleum Cut
A relief technique like woodcut but using linoleum rather than wood.
A form of prayer consisting of a series of invocations for deliverance or intercession. They were addressed in a formal and hierarchical sequence to the Trinity, the Virgin, the angels, and then the saints according to their rank as apostles, martyrs, confessors, and virgins.
The design is drawn on a stone (or certain types of plates) with a greasy crayon or ink. Water adheres to the bare stone and not the greasy areas, while the printing ink does the opposite - it sticks to the greasy areas and not the wet stone - reproducing the design when printed.
The form(s) of the Church's public worship; ritual.