A Book By Its Cover: George Morland

Submitted by Matthew Gengler on

George Morland by Sir Walter Gilbey

As we close a snowy January it is hard to believe anything green even existed. But here is George Moreland by Sir Walter Gilbey with its verdant cover, featuring a leafy deciduous tree with a grape vine growing curiously up the trunk, to remind us that spring is mere months away. Months, what a relief! A quick lookup of the artist in the Dictionary of Art finds an amusing line from the artist's student days, "Although he entered the Royal Academy Schools, his attendance was sporadic; he preferred to frequent alehouses, such as the Cheshire Cheese in Russell Court." A landscape painter in the city can hardly be blamed for spending time indoors on dreary days, and the establishment which stands to this day, looks to be a perfect companion to foul weather.