Ex Libris: Hubert Dupond

Submitted by Matthew Gengler on

The Ingalls Library contains a vast hidden collection of personal bookplates, uncataloged and unknown. These ex libris reside in the books in the library stacks, evidence of the remarkable provenance of the collection, waiting to be discovered by the curious patron.

Hubert Dupond is both the artist and the owner of this humorous bookplate, which features a man at a lectern wearing a nest of bees upon his head. The bookplate is fixed to the bound copy of Description Des Objets D'Arts Qui Composent Le Cabinet De Feu M. Le Baron V. Denon, antiquariat to Napolean. Hubert Georges Desired Dupond was born in Antwerp in 1901 and died eight decades later in 1982. He studied with the artist Jean Delville and Emile Fabry at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussells and later taught advertising technique. In his later life he dedicated himself to his art. He collected prints and maintained a large library of books on the subject, which likely held the aformentioned volume, an auction catalog of a print collection. We are left then to wonder, what is meant by the nest of bees? Perhaps he is commenting upon the hive mind, we can only guess.