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Hidden Magazine Rack: Artist Issues

Submitted by Linda Ayala on

The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1,200 currently received periodical titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number. This ongoing series features articles that discuss objects included in the museum’s collection of more than 46,000 objects, as well as articles written by museum staff members. Additionally, articles about the museum, its history and activities are noted. New to this feature will be updates on title changes to the Recent Acquisitions area as well as the “Hidden Magazine Rack”: notable titles that do not have a coveted spot in Recent Acquisitions.

We receive a few titles that don’t follow the usual magazine or journal format. These titles often feature a single artist per issue. Here are just a few:

Stern Fotografie

Stern Fotografie (A20 P849c) This hardbound, large format publication features one photographer per issue. The latest issue, no.74, features the gorgeous work of Tim Flach, titled Evolution. This volume begins with a confrontation with an Axolotl then moves on to fish, flying creatures, domestic and exotic animals to eventually, us. But it is so much more than several shots of the animal kingdom. Curious about seeing a horse embryo sleeping peacefully? Or what a chimpanzee with alopecia looks like? If so, then give this issue a look. Other volumes feature various subjects from photojournalism to classic celebrity photography.The library’s holdings list the photographers’ names.

Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet (A20 C759) Contact Sheet showcases photography of emerging and under-represented artists. It’s published by Light Work, an artist-run, non-profit organization with a mission to provide direct support to these artists. Contact Sheet delivers exactly what most want to see from emerging artists: pure work, unaffected by the influences of representation or the market. Intriguing, contemplative and sometimes shocking, an issue from Contact Sheet never disappoints. The library’s holdings list the photographer’s names.

Kunstler (A20 K96ab) A volume from Kunstler brings us a bundle of individual pamphlets of 20th and 21st century artists. Each pamphlet contains the artist’s bio, a sampling of images, and exhibition list. The library’s collection of Kunstler is complete and up to date, all 26 binders full. It contains the usual artists you'd see in such a collection, such as Andy Warhol and Louise Nevelson, to new artists of today. With about 30 or so pamphlets in 26 binders, that’s over 780 artists to explore. Consider checking out a binder at a time and perhaps discover a contemporary artist you haven’t heard of. While the library’s holdings do not list artists, they are in the binders in alphabetical order by last name and an index is included.  (Some are available on CD-ROM, A20 K96ab cd-rom ed.)