Introducing the New Library Services Platform

Submitted by Matthew Gengler on

On May 31, 2020, the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives in collaboration with the Digital Innovation and Technology Services team unveiled a brand-new library system. After a diligent selection process, we chose WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a product of OCLC, a global library cooperative located in Dublin, Ohio. In doing so, we are not only improving our technology, but joining a worldwide community of over 600 libraries. As the name suggests, WorldShare allows the library to both contribute to and benefit from a shared global repository of bibliographic resources.

What can users expect? Access to all library materials remains the same, but the search page looks different. With this new user-friendly interface, patrons have the ability to browse shelves virtually, create and share lists of items, and request materials from one convenient platform.

“It’s exciting to move to a product that supports the museum’s mission: with WMS, when one library updates information about a resource, all libraries with that same resource can benefit from the work that has already been done rather than reinventing the wheel,” says Heather Saunders, Director of Ingalls Library. “We add an incredible amount of detail, contributing to discovery. The process is akin to crowdsourcing, and it’s a great follow-up to the museum’s open access initiative.” CMA’s Open Access initiative, which released scholarship for over 60,000 artworks from the collection, including over 30,000 high-resolution images, into the public domain, launched in January, 2019.

Since the museum closed on March 14 in response to COVID-19, bolstering its digital presence has been a priority. The Ingalls Library and Museum Archives' new library services platform enhances access to digital content, such as providing more streamlined access to electronic books and archival images related to the museum’s history. A pdf quick guide has been created for Museum Staff as well as students and professors in the CWRU Joint Program in Art History and Museum Studies. Check it out here.