Introducing the New Library Services Platform

On May 31, 2020, the Ingalls Library and Museum Archives in collaboration with the Digital Innovation and Technology Services team unveiled a brand-new library system. After a diligent selection process, we chose WorldShare Management Services (WMS), a product of OCLC, a global library cooperative located in Dublin, Ohio. In doing so, we are not only improving our technology, but joining a worldwide community of over 600 libraries.

A Librarian’s Review of The Booksellers

How refreshing to see someone wearing a mask for reasons other than avoiding COVID-19: in The Booksellers (Blackletter films, 2019), Adam Weinberger rummages through the potentially dusty collection of a deceased art historian and her husband, looking for treasures. Other cross-overs with the art world include a private library with an eclectic design that’s an homage to M.C.

Working from home but staying connected

Working in a museum every day, it can be all too easy to take for granted the incredible collection of art, steps away from our offices. Now as we work at a distance, Ingalls Library and Museum Archives staff reflect on what it means to remain connected, while physically separated, as Director of Ingalls Library Heather Saunders shares:  

Profile: The Internet Archive's National Emergency Library

What comes to mind when you picture a library? When Research and Scholarly Communications Librarian Beth Owens asked this question during Literacy Week last month at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the drawings by schoolchildren referenced bricks and mortar libraries overwhelmingly—and by extension, print rather than digital.