English and Continental Portrait Miniatures Bibliography

The portrait miniature is a form that developed from manuscript illumination in the 16th century in Europe and continued for over four hundred years.  Its practitioners worked predominantly in watercolor and gouache on vellum and ivory, but also in enamel.  The Cleveland Museum of Art has an extensive collection of portrait miniatures a selection of which are on display in the gallery of British art in the 1916 building.  The following is a bibliography of important texts on English and Continental portrait miniatures.

Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals

The Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals is the sole online index to 42 art journals published in the U.S. during that century.  As the name implies, the index covers 1800-1899.  It provides essential information on artists and illustrators, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, architecture and design, exhibitions and sales, decoration, and collecting.  The index contains more than 26,000 records.

Patrologia Latina

The Patrologia Latina Database represents a complete electronic version of the first edition of Jacques-Paul Migne's Patrologia Latina (1844-1855 and 1862-1865). The Patrologia Latina covers the works of the Latin Fathers from Tertullian around 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216.