Redford and Graves

Hidden in plain sight in the reference collection is George Redford's Art Sales, N8675 .R4 V.1-2. Or if you like long full titles that tell you exactly what something is, Art sales. A history of sales of pictures and other works of art. With notices of the collections sold, names of owners, titles of pictures, prices and purchasers, arranged under the artists of the different schools in order of date. Including the purchases and prices of pictures for the National Gallery.

Russell Aitken Clipping File

Anyone who frequents the Cinematheque at the CIA should be familiar with Rusell Barnett Aitken. The building's auditorium is named for this Clevelander. Aitken was a ceramic artist who lived a fascinating life, as is evident in the two clipping file folders, located in the reference collection. For access to the clipping files in the Ingalls library, search in the catalog for your subject as an author. The holdings will list clipping file if we have maintained anything on the subject.

Spectacular Flirtations

This book, titled in full Spectacular Flirtations: viewing the actress in British art and theatre, 1768-1920 examines representations of the actress in late 18th and early 19th century Britain. The text is reinforced by a myriad of images, from fine art to caricatures. Find this title in our catalog at, PN2582 .W65 P47 2007.