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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Feiss, Carl L.
  • Feiss, Carl
Buhl, Bruce C.
  • Buhl, Bruce
Marks, Steve  
Provo, Melba Waterfield
  • Provo, Melba W.
  • Waterfield, Melba
Burns, Howard Marsh
  • Burns, Howard M.
  • Burns, Howard
Conrad & Teare, Architects
  • Conrad and Teare, Architects
  • Conrad & Teare
  • Conrad and Teare
Jenkins, Phillip  
Baker, Adelaide Clarissa
  • Baker, Adelaide C.
  • Baker, Adelaide
Johnson, Lee  
Taylor, Mary P.
  • Taylor, Mary
Adams, Betty Browne
  • Adams, Betty B.
  • Adams, Betty
Fuller, Daniel  
Thomas, James  
Claflin, Elizabeth Helen
  • Claflin, Elizabeth H.
  • Claflin, Elizabeth
Roseman, Ann J.
  • Roseman, Ann
Davis, Sandy  
Notre Dame College of Ohio
  • Notre Dame College
  • Notre Dame
Seibel, Kathryn Holley
  • Seibel, Kathryn H.
  • Seibel, Mrs. William E.
Ohm, Grayce L. C.
  • Ohm, Grayce
  • Ohm, Grayce L.C.
  • Ohm, Grayce L.
O'Sickey, Joseph B.
  • O'Sickey, Joseph
Kleinwachter, Xenia M.
  • Kleinwachter, Xenia
Lenavitt, James
  • Lenavitt, James V.
Vonderau, Patricia L.
  • Vonderau, Patricia
Schmidt, Lt. Karl, U. S. N.
  • Schmidt, Lt. Karl
  • Schmidt, Lt. Karl, U.S.N.
Hilberman, David