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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Paul, Louis W.
  • Paul, Louis
Forndran-Krall, Eva S.
  • Forndran Krall, Eva S.
  • Forndran-Krall, Eva
  • Forndran Krall, Eva
Boughton, Mary Louise
  • Boughton, Mary L.
  • Boughton, Mary
McKeage, George  
Tildes, Carol H.
  • Tildes, Carol
Meals, M.  
Traves, Romilly W.
  • Traves, Romilly
Cullum, Robert M.
  • Cullum, Robert
Lamb, W. J. and Sons Co.
  • Lamb, W.J. and Sons Co.
  • Lamb, W. J. and Sons Company
  • W. J. Lamb and Sons Company
  • Lamb, W. J., and sons Co.
Humberson, Sandra  
Raack, Pamela  
Bunce, Marie R.
  • Bunce, Marie
  • Bunch, Mrs. Carl A.
Gluhman, Joseph W.
  • Gluhman, Joseph
Mulac, Margaret E.
  • Mulac, Margaret
Baker, Ruth Hall
  • Baker, Ruth H.
  • Baker, Ruth
Ward, Edwin J.
  • Ward, Edwin John
  • Ward, Edwin
  • Ward, E. J.
Dresser, Lawrence  
Barnes, Virginia R.
  • Barnes, Virginia
Lobuglio, Emilia  
Lowe, Beatrice Katherine
  • Lowe, Beatrice K.
  • Lowe, Beatrice
  • Lowe Hill, Beatrice Katherine
Stahley, Melvin  
Clark, Louise S.
  • Clark, Louise
  • Clark, Mrs. Louise S.
  • Clark, Mrs. Louise
Keller, James William
  • Keller, James W.
  • Keller, James
Opper, John
  • Opper, John Sam
  • Opper, Sam
  • Opper, John S.
Bixby, Wallace Eugene, Jr.
  • Bixby, Wallace Eugene
  • Bixby, Wallace E.
  • Bixby, Wallace