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Name Also Known As Bornsort ascending Died
Charnicky, Lucille  
Kelly, Payton Shaw
  • Kelly, Payton
  • Kelly, Payton S.
Handrick, Adelaide H.
  • Handrick, Adelaide
Orlik, Roman Andrew
  • Orlik, Roman A.
  • Orlik, Roman
Beneduce, Antimo
  • Beneduce, Antonio
Palmer & Riley
  • Palmer and Riley
Fink, Katharine  
May, Geraldine G.
  • May, Geraldine
Taylor, Harry A.
  • Taylor, Harry
McCulla, Eleanor C.
  • McCulla, Eleanor
Thomas, Eleanor  
Corsi, Louis E.
  • Corsi, Louis
Krall, Edwin  
Schwegler & Company
  • Schwegler and Company
Crawford, W. H., Jr.
  • Crawford, W. H.
  • Crawford W., Jr.
  • Crawford, W.
Sekelsky, John Thomas
  • Sekelsky, John T.
Boza, Oliver  
Hornke, Mrs. R. E.
  • Hornke, Mrs. R.
  • Hornke, Mrs.
Powers, Mrs. Charles L.
  • Powers, Mrs. Charles
Breslin, Lucy  
Mintz, H.  
Wilson, Steven  
Gillis, Barbara  
Moore, Dennis Earl
  • Moore, Dennis E.
  • Moore, Dennis
Voltz, Leda Coolman
  • Voltz, Leda C.
  • Voltz, Leda
  • Coolman, Leda