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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Sanders, Clarence, Jr.
  • Sanders, Clarence
Keidansky, Victor  
Sayle, Jane  
Parma, Dorothy  
Kepner, Eunice D.
  • Kepner, Eunice
Lowry, Robert
  • Lowry, R.
Celeste, Sister Mary of Notre Dame
  • Celester, Sister Mary
  • Sister Mary Celeste of Notre Dame
  • Sister Mary of Notre Dame
Gates, M. Louise
  • Gates, M.
  • Gates, Louise
Chegin, John C.
  • Chegin, John
Calabrese, Carol  
Gertz, Lola Mae
  • Gertz, Lola M.
  • Gertz, Lola
Becker, A. H.
  • Becker, A.H.
  • Becker, A.
Tolmie, Gertrude  
Anderson, Anders P.
  • Anderson, Anders
Shaw, Bob  
Bobkiw, Eleanor R.
  • Bobkiw, Eleanor
Shipman, James K.
  • Shipman, James
Whitford, G. Parmly
  • Whitford, G.
Rai, Liza Noble
  • Rai, Liza
  • Rai, Mary Elizabeth Noble
Cooper, Thomas Heaton
  • Cooper, Thomas H.
  • Cooper, Thomas
Hotz, Steve  
Reed, Cletus M.
  • Reed, Cletus
Kralic, Edward  
Hughson, Theresa  
Wallace, Agnes E.
  • Wallace, Agnes