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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Eichner, Henry M.
  • Eichner, Henry
Machlup, Mary  
Stephia, Joe  
English, Mrs. Kath
  • English, Kath
Malik, Joseph  
Chudoba, Helen L.
  • Chudoba, Helen
Kim, Myung Sill
  • Kim, Myung S.
  • Kim, Myung
Sandglo Glass and Mirror Company
  • Sandglo Glass and Mirror Co.
  • Sand Glo Glass and Mirror Co.
Kiss, Eleanor  
Bonfoey, A. D.
  • Bonfoey, A.D.
  • Bonfoey, A.
Parma-Wycislik, Adalin
  • Parma Wycislik, Adalin
  • Wycislik, Adalin
Wozniak, James  
Bowman, Mary  
Helmuth, Serena P.
  • Helmuth, Serena
Young, Beaumont A.
  • Young, Beaumont
Hess, William A.
  • Hess, William
Fox, Freda L.
  • Fox, Freda
McMillen, Dale  
Melden, Morley G.
  • Melden, Morley
Trofimov, Alexandra L.
  • Trofimov, Alexndra
  • Trofimov, Alexandra Lev
Bauer, Sally  
Kusner, Gary G.
  • Kusner, Gary
Daniel, Matthew D.
  • Daniel, Matthew
Shiraishi, Kataro
  • Shiraishi, K.
Hunting, Wes S.
  • Hunting, Wes