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Name Also Known As Born Diedsort descending
Gregory, Stanford W., Jr.
  • Gregory, Stanford
  • Gregory, Stanford W.
  • Gregory, Stanford, Jr.
Nestor, Jimmy  
Tramba, Diane Elaine
  • Tramba, Diane E.
  • Tramba, Diane
Egert, Thalia Mary
  • Egert, Thalia M.
  • Egert, Thalia
MacCreary, Marjorie
  • Macreary, Marjorie E.
Tunstall, Arnold  
English, Evelyn Wilson
  • English, Evelyn W.
  • Engish, Evelyn
  • Wilson, Evelyn
Makuh, James  
Rutili, Renzo R.
  • Rutili, Renzo
Urban, Theodore  
Shepp, Alan
  • Shepp, Alan M.
Christoff, Emily D.
  • Christoff, Emily
  • Christoff, Emily Dana
Kiehel, Fay Read
  • Kiehel, Fay R.
Samson, Rebecca Clare
  • Samson, Rebecca C.
Siedel, Mrs. A. N.
  • Siedel, Mrs. A.N.
  • Siedel, Mrs.
Cleveland Window Glass and Door Company
  • Cleveland Window Glass and Door Co.
Kirsop, Dorothy  
Hawkins, L. Anthony
  • Hawkins, L.
  • Hawkins, Anthony
Parkinson, David B., Jr.
  • Parkinson, David Bigelow
  • Parkinson, David, Jr.
  • Parkinson, David B.
Billmyer, Mina  
Hellman, Louise M.
  • Hellman, Louise
Payne, Jean Rose
  • Payne, Jean R.
Blazy, Bobbie
  • Blazy, Bob
McLain, Walter S.
  • McLain, Walter
Watzulik, A. E.
  • Watzulik, A.E.
  • Watzulik, A.