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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Eckley, Victoria  
Petrie, Erwin C.
  • Petrie, Erwin
Weinandy, Paul K.
  • Weinandy, Paul
Broderick, Mrs. K.
  • Broderick, K., Mrs.
  • Broderick, K.
West, Clifford B.
  • West, Clifford
Makoff, Phillip
  • Makoff, Phil
Hunter, Thomas
  • Hunter, Tom
Stewart, Barbara  
Alsberg, Dietrich A.
  • Alsberg, Dietrich
Irving and Company
  • Irving and Co. Inc.
  • Irving & Company
Fontaine, Martin  
Rasmussen, Katherine  
Gould, Gene J.
  • Gould, Gene
Reifman, Louise J.
  • Reifman, Louise
  • Freedman, Mrs. William B.
Green, Catherine  
McKissack, Vernon Ross
  • McKissack, Vernon R.
  • McKissack, Vernon
Csicsery, Sigmund  
Beatty, Richard R.
  • Beatty, Richard
Nelson, Victor  
Kay, Gordon Howard
  • Kay, Gordon
  • Kay, Gordon H.
Bell, George P.
  • Bell, George
Kurtz, Mrs. Carrie B.
  • Kurtz, Carrie B.
  • Kurtz, Carrie
Tuber, Lawrence  
Rusk, Mrs. Stephen G.
  • Rusk, Mrs. Stephen
Hartman, John B.
  • Hartman, John