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Name Also Known As Born Diedsort ascending
Glover, Euphemia Walker
  • Glover, Euphemia W.
  • Glover, Euphemia
Bookatz, Lore  
Morris, Charles  
Paradiso, Cinderella
  • Wilk, Cinderella
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.
  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber
Mueller, Elmer  
Paterson, James H.
  • Paterson, James
Drake, John Toby
  • Drake, John
Wallace, Agnes E.
  • Wallace, Agnes
Livingstone, George James
  • Livingstone, George J.
  • Linvingstone, George
Wootton, Ruth Ellison
  • Wootton, Ruth E.
  • Wootton, Ruth
Dunn, Mary Mina
  • Dunn, Mary M.
  • Dunn, Mary
Warren, Tom
  • Warren, Thomas Patrick
  • Warren, Thomas P.
  • Warren, Thom
Louie, Ernest S.
  • Louie, Ernest
Yoo, Lizzy   1945
Kaesgen, Susan Murray
  • Kaesgen, Susan M.
  • Kaesgen, Susan
Scrivens, Emilie  
Spencer, Meade A. (Meade Ashley)
  • Spencer, Meade Ashley
  • Spencer, Meade
  • Spencer, Meade A.
Kassai, Eugene C.
  • Kassai, Eugene
Colburn, Richard William
  • Colburn, Richard W.
  • Colburn, Richard
Hamilton, Charles B.
  • Hamilton, Charles
Burkhart, Bettie E.
  • Burkhart, Bettie
Pressler, Carol E.
  • Pressler, Carol
Harmon, Walter Duane
  • Harmon, Walter D.
  • Harmon, Walter
  • Harmon, Duane
Bailey, Annetta Agnes
  • Bailey, Annetta A.
  • Bailey, Annetta