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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Air and Sunshine, Bermuda 1924 Water Color First Prize
Air Battle over Somaliland 1941
Air brakes, gannet 1939
Air Plant 1952 Miscellaneous Handicraft, Unique
Air Power 1943
Air Power 1944
Air Raid (base) (1) 1938 Sculpture in Plaster
Air Raid (base) (2) 1938 Sculpture in Bronze
Air Shaft, New York 1946 Water Color Third Prize
Air Shafts 1960 Etching and Other Intaglio Processes
Airborn 1961 Graphic Prints
Aircraft Workers 1943 Block Printing
Airscape 1938 Water Color
Aix 1977 Painting acrylic
Ake, stoneware 1965 Pottery and Porcelain Jury Mention
Akito and the Girls 1952 Enameling on Metal, Unique Special Award
Akron in Winter 1934 Water Color
Akron, Ohio, 1989 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Al (Aluminum) 1946 Metalwork Other than Silver and Iron
Al' Ishaq 1975 Painting acrylic
Alabama and Louisiana Row, White Sulphur Springs 1934 Etching
Alabama Belle 1936
Alabama Monday 1946
Alabaster Head 1956
Aladdin's Lamp 1953 Jewelry Honorable Mention
Alamanda 1941
Alan (portrait study) 1949 Sculpture
Alaskan Motif 1955 Enameling on Metal Special Award
Alaskan Primitive (1) 1956
Alaskan Primitive (2) 1956
Albatross II 1974 Graphics intaglio
Albert's Girl Has a Wooden Arm 1976 Painting Oil Special Mention
Alberta Trail 1945 Water Color
Alcalco, stoneware bottle 1967 Pottery and Porcelain
Alces Americanus Shirasi 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique First Prize
Alchemy 1982 Painting oil
Alcohol Talking 1982 Painting Oil Special Mention
Alcudia at Dusk 1934 Water Color
Alcudia Mountains 1933 Water Color
Aleatory Series: Pewter Position No. 1 1980 Painting acrylic
Alert 1942
Alert over Africa 1943 Ceramic Sculpture Second Prize
Alert over Illinois 1959
Alexander Woollcott 1939
Alexander's Fractile 1990 Sculpture wood
Alexander's Mill 1954
Alexandria, Egypt 1947 Water Color
Alexandros and Boukephalos 1974 Enameling & Glass cloisonne enamel on walnut
Algae, porcelain bottle 1966 Pottery and Porcelain
Algerian Sketches: 1943 1943 Drawing