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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
In Its Absence 1989 Graphics Xerographic collage
In Search of the Red Slipper 1989 Graphics pastel
In the Lab 1989 Graphics mixed media
Intermission at Pyramids, Egypt 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
Isolation on Life's Landscape 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
John Strokes on the Bedspread 1989 Photography ektacolor prints
Kaleidoscope of the Falls 1989 Photography color print
Keith's Big Day 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
Kensington Gardens, London 1989 Photography cibachrome print
Kid Gloves 1989 Painting Latex enamel Special Mention
Lattice 1989 Ceramics stoneware
Lifeboat 1989 Sculpture bronze and rope
Linear Lotus Vessel 1989 Ceramics porcelain
Lock Carron Cove, glass beads 1989 Textiles cotton, wood, and acrylic
Luxury Item with Patriotic Motif 1989 Ceramics porcelain
Maiden Voyage 1989 Sculpture wood
Marilyn at JFK Birthday 1989 Painting mixed media
Midway Magic 1989 Photography cibachrome print
Molar Rock and Angel Arch 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
Mona Lisa with Boomerang and Stove 1989 Painting mixed media
Monument to the Postmodern Condition 1989 Sculpture mixed media
My Façade 1989 Sculpture steel
Nimes No. 56 1989 Painting acrylic
Nomads 1989 Graphics computer-generated image and graphite
Not This Time 1989 Painting Oil Special Mention
Octoberlight 1989 Photography color print
Of Deities or of Mortals or of Both 1989 Other Crafts painted wood
Ohio Painting 1989 Painting acrylic
On the Ohio River No. 17 1989 Photography ektacolor print
Park No. 13 1989 Painting acrylic
Passage 1989 Sculpture cast bronze and marble
Peeking Through 1989 Photography gelatin silver print
Petroglyph Vessel 1989 Ceramics earthenware
Platter 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Portrait of Philip Corey, the Painter 1989 Painting oil
Portriga Passages 1989 Photography selenium-toned gelatin silver print
Pump 1989 Sculpture Steel Special Mention
Purse Piece 1989 mied media
Reach 1989 Ceramics terra-cotta
Reservoir 1989 Sculpture Steel Special Mention
Rock, Paper, Scissors 1989 Graphics mixed media
Roller Coaster Tea Set 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Rose Vase 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Sabi 1989 Ceramics stoneware
Salon Window, Manhattan 1989 Photography cibachrome print
Salvador Dali's Head 1989 Graphics computer graphic
Save Your Soul (Damn You to Hell) 1989 Painting polymer
Self-Portrait: Prisoner of Thought 1989 Painting watercolor
Sentinel III 1989 Enamel or Glass glass
Seven Beauties 1989 Sculpture bronze