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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
At Long Last 1939 Water Color
At Mungo's 1927 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
At Night 1931 Drawing
At Rest 1928 Photography
At Rest 1933
At Sundown 1933
At the Afternoon Concert 1927 Water Color
At the Athletic Club 1937 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize
At the Crossing 1936 Etching
At the Foot of the Hill 1928 Water Color
At the Foot of the Hill 1929 Water Color
At the Garden's Edge, Northeast, Pennsylvania 1919
At the Grave 1937
At the Landing, Nantucket 1920 Photography Third Prize
At the Loom 1929
At the Mouth of a Saguenay 1925 Water Color
At the Mouth of the River 1931 Water Color
At the Nook 1925
At the Plaza Fountain 1928
At the Ringlaying of Zeppelin ZRS 4 1930
At the Stream 1930 Drawing
At the Water's Edge, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1920 Oil Painting
At the Wharf 1927 Water Color
At the Wharf 1925
At the Wharf, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1921 Oil Painting
At the Window 1926 Photography
Atbara 1936 Water Color
Atlanta 1939 Ceramic Sculpture
Atlantic Avenue 1933 Water Color
Atlantic Avenue (Street Scene in Provincetown, Mass.) 1925
Atlantic Avenue, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1919
Atlantic Island 1936
Atlantid 1939 First Prize
Atlantis 1933 Decorative Painting
Atmosphere "Approaching Fog" 1932
Attenaha Valley 1927
Attention 1937
Au Matin 1929 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
Au Printemps 1931 Decorative Painting
Aubrey Shooting 1932 Illustration
Aubrey Sleeping 1932 Illustration
August 1923 Water Color Second Honorable Mention
August 1924 Photography
August Bouquet 1938 Etching and Other Intaglio Processes First Prize
August Bouquet 1939
August Sunlight 1934 Water Color
Aunt Aggie 1936 Ceramic Sculpture
Aunt Effie 1937 First Prize
Aunt Josephine 1934 Etching
Aunt Mary's Bouquet 1935 Honorable Mention