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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Maranga VIII 1986 Ceramics terra-cotta with glazes and lusters
Book Sculpture - Costumes of the Actor Mosna 1986 Other Crafts paperboard, leather, and book $500 Award
Book Sculpture - Pantagruel 1986 Other Crafts balsa, wood, leather, and book $500 Award
house between planes 1986 Sculpture acrylic on wood and paper $1,000 Award
Still Life with Brick (The Sorceror's Apprentice Attemps the Disappearing Act) 1986 Sculpture rag paper and wheat paste
Untitled 1986 Other Crafts paper, acrylic, and cotton thread
Kilim 1986 Graphics color Xerox and acrylic
Snake Walker 1986 Other Crafts ash wood, graphite, and polyurethane
Active Pets Are Best on Milwaukee Avenue 1986 Photography graphite and gouache on gelatin silver print
High Chair 1986 Other Crafts cherry wood Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Photo Album 1986 Other Crafts bird's-eye maple wood
Gravities, 2 1987 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors and low fire glaze Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Bunk Bed 1987 Sculpture painted wood, plaster, and ceramic Special Mention
Migration 1987 Enamel or Glass silver paillons
+ n + + n -> + + = Radiation, n 1987 Photography gelatin silver print and oil pencil
Sarpati 1987 Enamel or Glass cast glass and paint
Crossfire 1987 Painting wood, graphite, and paint
Now in the Suburbs the Bushes are Glowing 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork bronze, copper, and 14K gold
Homage to the Anasazi 1987 Ceramics earthenware and underglazes
The Flower Inside 1987 Photography color Xerox collage
Cloud, Cage, and Stone 1987 Sculpture bronze and marble
Under Skies 1987 Textiles photo-screenprint on linen
Pin 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork silver, vermeil, and oxidized silver
Nexus 1987 Enamel or Glass handcut lead crystal
Capuccino Set (Cups and Server) 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork wood, sterling silver, and nickel silver
Vase with Static Fish Environment 1987 Ceramics stoneware, slip, and paint
Night Critters 1987 Enamel or Glass blown and sandblasted glass
Pair of End Tables 1987 Other Crafts cherry and walnut
Whirling Dervishes 1987 Graphics monotype and oil stick
Tessera 12 1987 Other Crafts black walnut and anodized aluminum
Geode No. 2 Pin-Pendant and Choker 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork opan, diamonds, and 14K gold $1,000 Award
Trial and Error 1987 Ceramics earthenware and stains
Pin 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, copper, brass, ebony, and nickel
Untitled 1987 Photography sepia-toned gelatin silver print
Homage 1987 Sculpture sand, wood, and stone
Heavenly Soul 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork fine silver, enamel, and sterling silver
View from My Couch and/or Beyond 1987 Ceramics low fire clay, slips with sgrafitto
O Hina 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, and lapis
Phazoscape 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, and lapis
Untitled 1987 Other Crafts mahogany, ebony, enamel, and paint Special Mention
Untitled 1987 Photography color prints
Hydro-Therapy Room, Alcatraz Prison 1990 Photography color prints
Cat Jar 1987 Ceramics sandblasted stoneware
Keeping the Babes Happy 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, acrylic, and graham cracker
Homage 1987 Other Crafts granite, steel, and concrete Special Mention
I Can See Through Your Brain 1987 Sculpture painted wood and masonite
Tiempo de Paz 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver with micarta inlay and scrimshaw
Vidala del Culampaja 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver with micarta inlay and scrimshaw
Pin Necklace 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork safety pins, metal-plated and plastic beads, and wire
PC Aura--Spheroid Lidded Vessel 1987 Ceramics stoneware, wood, and leather