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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Green Bowl with Wheels 1990 Ceramics earthenware $1,000 Award
Group 1990 Photography Vandyke brown print
HE (for Minor White), Devon, England, 1989 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Head-Doubt - Part 2 1990 Painting watercolor
Hercules Knot II 1990 Ceramics porcelain
High Cost of Living 1990 Sculpture mixed media
High Level Tent City - Summer, 1989 1990 Painting watercolor
Home Safe/Safe Home 1990 Graphics Prismacolor pencil
Hydro-Therapy Room, Alcatraz Prison 1990 Photography color prints
Il Greco 1990 Photography hand-colored gelatin silver print
I'll Never Leave You 1990 Photography color print
Infanta 1990 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
Ironweed 1990 Enamel or Glass enamel, copper, and wood
It Was Over in a Flash 1990 Painting oil stick and encaustic
Jack 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Jim's Idea 1990 Other Crafts ash, purpleheart, and Corian
Just a Minute 1990 Graphics Screenprint
King and Queen IV 1990 Sculpture lead, plaster, wood, and rubber
Labryinth 1990 Ceramics stoneware
Left 1990 Painting Oil Special Mention
Looking to the Moon 1990 Ceramics earthenware
Mentor Headlands 1990 Painting oil
Message 1990 Sculpture fiberglass and copper and iron oxides
Midnite Madness 1990 Sculpture laminated wood Special Mention
Minions 1990 Photography toned gelatin silver print
Monaco Hot L 1990 Photography
New Dreams for Old 1990 Graphics woodcut
One Three 1990 Painting acrylic
Order of Ribbon River Shields 1990 Painting oil
Origins 1990 Painting acrylic and sand
Over and Under 1990 Painting oil
Pacifist Lost: The Birth of Belligerence 1990 Photography gelatin silver print
Paintbrush Stroke Necklace 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and antique African beads
Palladio's Bridge 1990 Graphics heat transfer print Special Mention
Passaic River Rainbow 1990 Textiles glass beads
Paved with Good Intentions 1990 Painting oil
Peaked Roof 1990 Ceramics earthenware Special Mention
People Making a Choice 1990 Painting oil
Picnic Table, Utah 1990 Photography color print
Pin 1990 Jewelry and Metalwork enamel, fine and sterling silver, and malachite
Pitcher 1990 Ceramics stoneware Robert Mann $1000 Award for Ceramics
Points and Slot 1990 Other Crafts painted wood and metal hardware
Pork Piece 1990 Painting acrylic and wood
Precious Medals 1990 Painting latex enamel
Process and Product 1990 Painting mixed media
Products for Consumption 1990 Painting acrylic
Realization 1990 Sculpture clay, wood, and paint
Reflected Fragments 1990 Sculpture bronze and stone
Reggie's Racing Chair 1990 Other Crafts hardwood, acrylic, and cotton webbing
Ritual Vessel #1 1990 Ceramics stoneware