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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Yellow Horse 1929
Yellow horse 1948 Water Color
Yellow House 1930 Water Color
Yellow House 1941
Yellow House 1953
Yellow house 1954
Yellow house, Medora, Ky. 1943 Water Color
Yellow Icebreaker 1956
Yellow Indian Bowl 1929 Pottery First Prize
Yellow Indian Plate 1929 Pottery First Prize
Yellow iron 1951 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Jar 1936 Pottery
Yellow Lacewing Bowl 1937 Pottery, Unique
Yellow lacquer cabinet 1928 Furniture
Yellow lacquer chimes clock 1928 Furniture
Yellow Leaf Stencil Bowl 1943 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Leg 1973 Painting acrylic
Yellow Lillies 1935 Water Color
Yellow Lily 1934 Pastel
Yellow Lily and Purple Iris 1953
Yellow linen runner 1949 Weaving, Unique
Yellow Luncheon set 1946 Weaving, Unique
Yellow luncheon set, "Miniature Lovers' Knot" 1945 Weaving
Yellow Ochre 1956
Yellow Ochre Cookie Jar and Cover 1939 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Ochre Crackle 1953
Yellow Orchid 1940 Decorative Painting
Yellow Pigeon 1952 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Yellow Place Mats 1953
Yellow Plate 1935 Pottery
Yellow plate 1941 Pottery, Unique
Yellow plate 1944 Pottery, Unique
Yellow plate 1947 Pottery, Unique
Yellow plate 1947 Pottery, Unique
Yellow plate with flower frog 1935 Pottery
Yellow punch bowl 1939 Pottery, Unique
Yellow Rainy Day Flashback 1972 Sculpture welded metal
Yellow rose pin 1944 Jewelry, Unique
Yellow roses 1941
Yellow Rug 1955
Yellow Rug 1962 Textiles, Any Medium
Yellow Rug or Wall Hanging - Flossa 1959 Weaving First Prize
Yellow Salad Set 1953
Yellow Scraffito Vase 1943 Pottery, Unique
Yellow speckled vase 1953
Yellow Spiral Jar 1990 Ceramics earthenware
Yellow stoneware vase 1954
Yellow Sun 1969 Enameling & Glass enamel panel
Yellow Translucene/Fabric & Philodendron 1981 Photography color Xerox
Yellow Truck 1951 Water Colors (Including Tempera) Second Prize