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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
Poinsettias 1982 Photography manipulated Polaroid
Blue Tie 1982 Graphics silkscreen and graphite Special Mention
1, 2, 3 1982 Graphics pastel and watercolor
Foldings 1982 Textiles cotton and polyester Special Mention
Monday in Middlefield 1986 Textiles cotton and polyester
Spin-Off 1986 Textiles cotton and polyester
Squares and Stars 1985 1986 Textiles cotton and polyester Special Mention
The Recital 1982 Graphics 4-plate color intaglio
#1610 1982 Painting acrylic, bronze, powder, and gold leaf
#5005 1982 Painting acrylic and gold leaf
Forgotten 1982 Sculpture slip cast ceramics
Arc Form 1982 Jewelry and Metalwork copper, brass, sterling silver, and 14K gold
Waterfall Dance 1983 Sculpture wood and steel
Fun Town 1984 Sculpture wood and steel Special Mention
I.O.U. L.W. Smith 1987 Sculpture wood and steel
Soldier's Sanctity 1983 Painting cast handmade paper and cotton Special Mention
Xian 1983 Painting acrylic, collage, and rice
Totemic Structure #21 1983 Sculpture high-fired porcelain and threaded rods Special Mention
Chair and Door 1983 Graphics Prisma color pencils
Painted Desert Landscape 1983 Textiles resist dyed and hand painted cotton and canvas
Cow Carousel 1983 Textiles quilted fabric and found objects
Purple Crate 1983 Painting watercolor, gesso, and wood
Illusory Allusion 1983 Textiles embroidered and appliqued fabric
A 75 cents Laurel and Bag 1983 Graphics graphite and watercolor Special Mention
Wrapper 1983 Graphics graphite and watercolor Special Mention
Condecktion 1983 Sculpture fiberglass and steel
Judgement of the Bohemians 1983 Graphics Xerox and ink
Cuff Bracelet 1983 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and nickel Special Mention
Contradictions 1983 1983 Textiles cotton and cotton blend
Untitled, 1983 1983 Painting acrylic, ink, and collage Special Mention
Portal 1983 Textiles wool and cotton warp
A Sea of Glass Mixed with Fire 1983 Textiles cotton and polyester batting Special Mention
Love Letters to Leslie 1983 Painting acrylic on rice paper with embroidery
Having Lived in the Bond Age 1983 Graphics newspaper transfer and pencil
Bottles 1983 Photography hand-tinted $500 Award
Cottage Weather 1983 Photography hand-tinted
On First Examination We Thought It Could Only Be Some Kind of Fake or Forgery 1983 Photography hand-tinted
Shuffleboard Court 1983 Photography hand-tinted
Still Life with Eggs 1983 Photography hand-tinted $500 Award
Untitled #2 1983 Photography hand-tinted
Spalted Maple Cabinet 1983 Other Crafts spalted sugar maple and iron wood Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Copper Teapot 1983 Jewelry and Metalwork copper, brass, sterling, and teak Special Mention
Discontinuity 1983 Sculpture metavolcanic stone
Bookcase 1983 Other Crafts oak, curly maple, and cherry
Warm Glove Quilt 1983 Textiles screenprint on cotton velveteen, quilted, and silk backing
Teapot with Base 1983 Jewelry and Metalwork silver plated bronze and lacquered brass
The Mind's Sandy Floor IV 1983 Sculpture sand and aluminum
Eagle Eye 1983 Sculpture wood, glass, and oil
Cow Monument 1983 Graphics linoleum engraving
Monsters on the Bathroom Tile 1985 Graphics linoleum engraving