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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort ascending Awards
Mayfield Heights No. 5 1988 Photography color print
Untitled 1988 Photography color print Special Mention
Where Have All the Marquees Gone? 1988 Photography color print
Kaleidoscope of the Falls 1989 Photography color print
Octoberlight 1989 Photography color print
I'll Never Leave You 1990 Photography color print
Picnic Table, Utah 1990 Photography color print
Lemon Tree #1 1984 Photography color print
Magnet Menagerie 1984 Photography color print
R-G Dynamics 1984 Painting acrylic and assemblage
Chondrite I 1983 Sculpture painted cast aluminum
Finned Open Form 1983 Enamel or Glass cast and blown glass
Treasure Map: Mother Goose's Grave 1983 Painting sumi on folded paper
To Serve Mankind 1983 Other Crafts coco bola wood
Three Drawer Chest 1983 Other Crafts cherry
Evening Moon--Confection from Kyoto 1983 Enamel or Glass enamel and wood
Kinetic Brooch 1983 Jewelry and Metalwork copper, brass, sterling, and white gold
Fabricated Cityspace: 4 Patch 1983 Textiles screenprint and photo brownprint on cotton, pieced and quilted
Inner Space #6 1983 Painting powdered pigments
Betweens (#3) 1983 Painting powdered pigments and acrylic
Descant 1983 Sculpture cellotex Special Mention
Nutcracker 1983 Textiles silk, satin, and polyester blend
Garden II 1983 Textiles thread and plexiglass
Wood Carving 1983 Sculpture chromed steel and wood
Maranga I 1983 Ceramics terra cotta with black glaze Special Mention
Exeter Plate 1983 Ceramics terra cotta with glaze and luster
Sectional Vase: Black and White 1983 Ceramics stoneware with stains, slips, and paint
Box 1983 Ceramics white earthenware
Vase 1983 Ceramics white earthenware
Back to the Basics 1987 Ceramics white earthenware
Man and Cat Falling 1987 Ceramics white earthenware
If the Shoe Fits 1989 Ceramics white earthenware $1,000 Award
Platter 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Roller Coaster Tea Set 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Rose Vase 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
The Last Dinner Party 1989 Ceramics white earthenware $1,000 Award
Vine Vase 1989 Ceramics white earthenware
Blue Palm 1983 Enamel or Glass glass and enamel
Cedar: Dawn 1983 Enamel or Glass glass and enamel
Invitation 1983 Graphics colored pencils
The Feather Jar 1984 Graphics colored pencils
Untitled 1983 Graphics graphite on vellum Special Mention
Palmettos in Sunlight 1983 Photography platinum-palladium print
Peaceful, Late Afternoon 1983 Photography platinum-palladium print
Birches and House, Chautauqua 1984 Photography platinum-palladium print
Edna's Garden Pool 1985 Photography platinum-palladium print
Stream, with Row of Rocks 1985 Photography platinum-palladium print
OCEAN TREE Sealevel, North Carolina 1988 Photography platinum-palladium print
Untitled 1988 Photography platinum-palladium print Special Mention
Untitled 1989 Photography platinum-palladium print