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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort ascending Awards
Flowers of Hiroshima 1979 Graphics aquatine and etching
Carolina Dreaminn' 1979 Textiles painted linen and mixed fibers
Tales of Brave Ulysses 1979 Other Crafts walnut, oak, chestnut, maple, oak burl, cherry, and hickory
"Surface Beauty Shades Deadly Depths"--Hand Mirror 1979 forged sterling silver, cloissone enamel, delrin, nickel, shell, and mirror
Ivory and Silver Pin No. 2 1979 sterling silver 14K gold, and ivory Special Mention
Ivory and Silver Pin No. 1 1979 stering silver and ivory Special Mention
Bowery Lightning 1979 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite Special Mention
Hexiclonic 1979 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite
Iron Gate 1980 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite Special Mention
Oriole 1980 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite Special Mention
Red Cortez 1981 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite
White Cortez 1981 Painting acrylic on wood and masonite Special Mention
The Choice 1979 Sculpture balsa and silk Special Mention
Back, a Drawing 1979 Sculpture sandblasted sheet steel
Mound Flow No. 7 1979 Sculpture steel and limestone Special Mention
Mound Flow No. 1 1979 Sculpture bronze and sand
Convergence 1980 Sculpture bronze and sand Special Mention
ix in krog 1979 Sculpture painted welded steel
Bee Bop Bumble Boogie 1984 Sculpture painted welded steel
Seems Calm! 1984 Sculpture painted welded steel
Ridge-Flash Series IV 1979 Graphics lithograph on toned paper
Untitled 1979 Graphics ebony pencil
Rubber Fibula 1979 sterling silver, steel, pearls, and rubber
Pyramids 1979 Textiles batik on Egyptian cotton
Pyramid Series - S 1979 Painting pencil, shellac, acrylic, and wax
Pyramid Series - I 1979 Painting pencil, acrylic, and ink Special Mention
28 pages from the Book of Atlantic Waves 1979 Textiles linen, wool, and plexiglass
A Spinning Toy for Mr. B. 1979 Enamel or Glass sterling silver, fine silver, and cloissone enamel
Raku Box with Blue Snake Bird 1979 Ceramics raku ware with glazed interior
Dresden Plate 1979 Textiles quilted cloth and fiber filler
Blue Thru-way 1979 Sculpture wood, aluminum, and acrylic
Bop 1979 Photography sepia-toned Special Mention
Lamabed 1979 Sculpture marble and slate
Untitled 1979 sterling silver, reticulated silver, and abalone shell
Menage A Trois 1979 Graphics pen, ink, and acrylic
King Knows-It-All (Lies Buried Here) Pyramid 1979 sterling silver, copper, brass, 18K gold, plexiglass, and cloth Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
In Nature's Stable 1979 Enamel or Glass sandblasted antique base, ca.1880
Campanile 1979 Textiles wax resist with dye
Grey Brooch No. 1 1979 sterling silver, brass, copper, and enamel
Brooch 1979 sterling silver and gold plate
The Dissolution 1979 Graphics colored pencil and pen
Chain Mail Belt or Necklace 1979 sterling silver, iron, ebony, and ivory
Pawacok 1979 sterling silver, enamel, 14K and 24K gold and open
Progress of Aviation Through the Eyes of a Hamburger Fanatic 1979 Ceramics low-fired clay
Tom's Birthday Extravaganza 1979 Ceramics low-fired clay
Vases 1979 Ceramics low-fired clay
Black and White Bowl 1982 Ceramics low-fired clay
Spectral Antinomy 1982 Sculpture low-fired clay
Harmonic Grid LXXVIII 1979 Sculpture bronze and polyester Special Mention
Ooooo La La 1979 Textiles satin, lace, velveteen, and feathers