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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort ascending Awards
Prey 1978 Sculpture polychromed steel
Turk's Bottom 1978 Textiles dyed and stuffed linen with embroidery
Detailed Crowd No. Two--Moonlight 1978 Painting footprints, oil, and acrylic
Pyramid I--El Castillo 1978 Painting acrylic, wax, and pencil
21 Pages from a Book of Waves 1978 Textiles linen and wool
Not Who Is Right - But Who Is Left (Monkies vs. Skeletons) 1978 Other Crafts wood, leather, nails, and paint
Sandwich as a Vertical Grid 1978 Textiles handmade paper, raw wool, silk, fabric, cockleburrs, and sisal
One Man's Meat Is Another's Poissone 1978 Sculpture clay, tobacco, and rope Special Mention
Tea Bowl with Daisies 1978 Painting water color and pastel
Vaddans Dochta 1978 Jewelry and Metalwork 18K gold and spectrolites
Inside Out 1978 Textiles wool, cotton, and assorted fibers
Sterling Cuff 1978 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and ivory
Wine Decanter 1987 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and ivory Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Epitaph for a Rain Forest 1990 Textiles handmade paper
Untitled Quilt 1978 Textiles handmade paper
Feminine Impression 1980 Graphics handmade paper
Force Field on the Earth 1980 Painting handmade paper
Ochre Cut 1980 Painting handmade paper
Over, Under and Through 1980 Graphics handmade paper
Spiral Shifts 1980 Painting handmade paper
Untitled 1980 Painting handmade paper
Untitled 1983 Painting handmade paper
Teapot 1978 Ceramics stoneware with reed and hemp handle
Intimate Space Box 1978 Other Crafts wire, handmade paper, wax, and clay
Harmonic Grid LIX 1978 Sculpture aluminum and paint
This Isn't Cleveland 1978 Textiles embroidered satin
Itsy Bitsy Bessie 1978 Textiles velveteen
Untitled 1978 Graphics photo screenprint
Fantasy I 1979 Graphics photo screenprint
Quartet 1978 Sculpture stainless steel and lacquer
Façade II 1980 Sculpture stainless steel and lacquer
Column 1981 Sculpture stainless steel and lacquer
Brooch R-3, ARG, 002 1978 Jewelry and Metalwork brass, silver, pewter, cast resin, plexiglass, and gold leaf
Behind Closed Door 1978 Jewelry and Metalwork brass, silver, plexiglass, nylon cord, resin, and topaz
Jesse's Run 1978 Textiles resist-dyed cotton in double ikat technique
Ruin on South Mountain 1978 Photography platinum
Warm Dreams 1981 Photography platinum
Wait Until Dark 1982 Photography platinum
Matisse with White 1978 Textiles quilted dacron/cotton and broadcloth with dacron batt
Trophies No. 2 1978 Photography photographic screenprint
3109 1978 Photography color
Eggs and the Fly 1978 Photography color
Island House 1978 Photography color
Tool Shed 1978 Photography color
Graffiti 1979 Photography color
L'Abatoir 1979 Photography color
No Title 1979 Photography color
Untitled 1979 Photography color
Window Lace 1979 Photography color
Hell 1980 Photography color