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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Winter Day in Lakewood 1922
Winter Landscape 1922
Winter Landscape, Night 1922 First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Wood Interior 1922
Woods Interior 1922 Water Color
Youth 1922 Decorative Painting
Scarf 1922 Batik and Other Dyeing Honorable Mention
Scarf 1922 Block Printing and Stenciling on Fabrics
School at Winchester, Virginia 1922 Architectural Rendering
Section of Blast Furnace Plant 1922 Water Color
Ship Yard 1922
Siler and ivory salad fork and spoon 1922
Silver and amethyst pendant 1922 Jewelry
Silver and ivory chalice and patten 1922
Silver Bas-Relief panel for Cigaret Cover 1922 Medallions
Silver Bowl "Compensation" 1922 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Silver Bowl with Enamel Decoration 1922 Silverware (Not Jewelry) First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Silver Medallion 1922 Medallions
Silver pendant and chain 1922 Jewelry
Silver Puff Box 1922 Silverware (Not Jewelry)
Silver Ring with Amethyst 1922 Jewelry
Silver Ring with Garnet 1922 Jewelry
Silver Ring, lapis scarab 1922 Jewelry
Silver ring, moss agate stone 1922 Jewelry
Silver ring, onyx setting 1922 Jewelry
Silver scarf pin 1922 Jewelry
Silver Setting for ivory cameo 1922 Jewelry
Silvered Waters 1922
Snow 1922 Water Color
Snow-Flakes 1922
Songs of the Woods 1922 Decorative Painting Second Prize
South-East Corner Public Square 1922 Freehand Drawing
Speeding Clouds 1922 Water Color
Squatter's Shanty 1922 Water Color
Steel Mill 1922 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Still Life 1922
Still Life 1922 Third Prize
Still Life (1) 1922 Decorative Painting Third Prize
Still Life (2) 1922 Decorative Painting
Stole 1922 Embroidery
Street in Haarlem, Holland 1922
Street Scene 1922 Water Color
Study 1922
Sugar Spoon 1922
Summer Day 1922
Summer Day 1922
Summer Evening 1922
Summer Impression 1922 Freehand Drawing
Sunlit Columns 1922
Table Cover (1) 1922 First Prize