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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
Homage to Art Deco 1985 Enamel or Glass cloisonne enamel
House of Madness 1985 Painting oil
I Am the Boxmaker 1985 Painting Latex enamel Special Mention
Images of Heaven 1985 Ceramics low fire clay
Imperial Cacti 1985 Ceramics stoneware
Industrial Revolution 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Industrial Revolution 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Jimmy Armstrong 1985 Photography palladium print
Junk 1985 Graphics mixed media
Kansas Etude 1985 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Keepers 1985 Sculpture Ceramic Special Mention
Kids on the Block 1985 Graphics Charcoal $500 Award
Kinetic Bracelet 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver and nickel silver
La Partida 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork sterling silver, ivory, paper micarta, and scrimshaw
Landscape Tsedakah Box 1985 Jewelry and Metalwork rosewood and sterling silver
Lantern Vase #3 1985 Ceramics low fire clay
Leaf 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Leave #2 Down 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Linen Walls with Knots Series, #5 (Shodowiko) 1985 Textiles linen and plexiglass
Lisa Mouths Off 1985 Graphics Prismacolor and paint
Lunar Phase II 1985 Painting mixed media
Mantle over Sunset Pond 1985 Other Crafts wood and ceramic
Margo 1985 Painting acrylic
Marital Lumps 1985 Graphics mixed media
Mask 1985 Graphics Monoprint
Me and Him 1985 Graphics oil pastel
Merwin III 1985 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
Midnight Belongs to Gabriel 1985 Graphics pastel and charcoal
Mighty Mentors 1985 Painting Mixed media Special Mention
Milieu for the "National Enquirer" 1985 Painting oil
Minor Impressions 1985 Enamel or Glass glass
Moldalvan 1985 Painting Oil Special Mention
Mongoloid Baby 1985 Painting mied media
Monsters on the Bathroom Tile 1985 Graphics linoleum engraving
Monument 1985 Painting oil
Moon Walk 1985 Painting acrylic
Mother and Daughter 1985 Graphics pastel on etching
Mr. Turd Contemplates Suicide 1985 Painting acrylic
My Father's Suspenders 1985 Photography cibachrome print
Night Star by Day 1985 Painting acrylic
night vision 1985 Sculpture mixed media
No Exit 1985 Sculpture Mixed media $1,000 Award
No Where to Go 1985 Painting oil and wax
Nocturnal Incantations 1985 Painting acrylic and latex
Nocturnal Passage 1985 Graphics pastel
Olympic Cheers 1985 Painting mixed media
On the Fence 3 1985 Photography selenium-toned gelatin silver print
One and Four 1985 Painting acrylic
Open Door 1985 Textiles Cotton Special Mention
Outerspace II: Satellite I and II 1985 Textiles mixed media