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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Affection 1948 Honorable Mention
Affectionate 1945 Honorable Mention
Affective Symptoms 1984 Painting oil
Afinando La Mandolina 1933
Afric 1938 Batik
African 1940 Ceramic Sculpture
African 1941 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique terra cotta
African Design 1940 Embroidery
African Fantastique (plaster model) 1937 Ceramic Sculpture
African fantasy 1943 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
African Fetish 1944 Miscellaneous Handicraft, Unique
African Fetish, No. 1 1945 Metalwork Other than Silver and Iron Honorable Mention
African Fetish, No. 2 1945 Metalwork Other than Silver and Iron Honorable Mention
African Hunter 1959 Water Color (Tempera): Figure, Still Life, Etc.
African Image, batik wall hanging 1965 Textiles, Any Medium
African Mask - Pin 1950 Jewelry, Unique
African Night 1957
African Nude 1932 Ceramic Sculpture
African Primitive 1953
African Scene, No. 1 1944 Freehand Drawing
African Scene, No. 2 1944 Freehand Drawing
African Still Life 1934 Etching
African Violet 1937 Mural and Decorative Painting: Any Medium
African Violet 1955
After a Heavy Rain 1929 Water Color
After a June Shower 1932
After a Lop-sided Antique Bottom 1969 Enameling & Glass enamel on copper with copper wire
After a Rain 1928 Freehand Drawing Second Prize
After a Rain on a Hill Top 1920 Oil Painting First Prize, Figure and Animal, Penton Medal for Excellence
After Breakfast 1935 Freehand Drawing
After Cimabue 1969 Enameling & Glass enameled copper and wood
After Dacheau 1948 Sculpture, Unique
After First Nuclear "Test" 1964 Photography
After Gentleman 1966 Photography
After Hours 1943 Water Color
After Hours 1946 Water Color
After hours 1949
After Hours 1950 Water Color
After Hours 1955 Water Color Third Prize
After Hours 1974 Pottery and Porcelain porcelain
After Image 1955 Second Prize
After Manet 1961 Photography
After Martha Graham 1953
After Nine 1948 Illustration
After Parade 1957
After Picasso 1942 Embroidery
After Rain 1944 Water Color
After Rembrandt 1959 Photography
After school 1942
After School 1950 Water Color Honorable Mention