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Title Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awardssort descending
Blue Plate - unique 1935 Pottery
Blue Plate with decoration 1937 Pottery, Unique
Blue Pot 1934 Pottery, Unique
Blue Pottery Bowl 1935 Pottery, Unique
Blue Purse 1939 Weaving
Blue Revel 1931 Decorative
Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina 1921 Photography
Blue Roof 1934 Water Color
Blue Scarf 1924 Batik and Other Dyeing
Blue Shutters 1932 Water Color
Blue Stallion 1933 Ceramic Sculpture
Blue Star Fruit Bowl 1933 Enamel
Blue Streaked Pot 1934 Pottery, Unique
Blue Teapot 1936
Blue Tobacco Jar 1933 Pottery
Blue Vase 1937 Pottery, Unique
Blue Vase (1) 1935 Enameling
Blue Vase (2) 1935 Enameling
Blue Vase with Flowers 1932 Water Color
Blue Vase with Handle 1930 Pottery, Unique
Blue Vase, crackled 1935 Pottery, Unique
Blue Vase, on Red Engobe 1938 Pottery
Bluebeard 1939 Block Printing
Blue-black jar 1937 Pottery
Blue-green Bowl 1935 Pottery, Unique
Blue-green Bowl 1939 Pottery, Unique
Blue-green Salad Bowl, hand-thrown 1935 Pott
Blue-grey Bowl, hand thrown 1935 Pottery
Blue-handed Crackle Plate, hand thrown 1935 Pottery
Blvd. Raspail, Paris 1928 Freehand Drawing
Bo Peep 1937 Sculpture in Wood
Boat 1936
Boat Adrift 1931 Water Color
Boat Building 1931 Lithographs
Boat House 1929 Water Color
Boat House 1929 Freehand Drawing
Boat House, Cape Cod 1939 Water Color
Boat House, Lake Front 1927 Etching
Boat Houses 1929 Pastel
Boat Houses at North Truro 1935 Water Color
Boat Landing 1926 Photography
Boat Model 1929 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Boat Painting 1925
Boat Repairs 1936 Water Color
Boats 1934 Lithographs
Boats 1939 Water Color
Boats at Provincetown 1924 Freehand Drawing
Boats at Rockport 1939 Water Color
Boats of St. Pierre 1934 Water Color
Boats on the Beach, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1919