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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Algesa 1946
Algesa of the Gallery 1948
Algraphatic 1977 Painting pencil and acrylic Special Mention
Alice 1935
Alice 1949 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Alice - Hooked Rug 1966 Textiles, Any Medium hooked rug
Alice and the White Knight 1937 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice in Wonderland 1934 Illustration
Alice in Wonderland Book Ends: White King and White Queen 1931 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice in Wonderland Bottles: Red King and Red Queen 1931 Ceramic Sculpture
Alice Pearl 1919
Alice with the White Rabbit 1936 Ceramic Sculpture First Prize
Alice's Predicament: The Pool of Tears 1950 Illustration: Any Medium Honorable Mention
Alice's Restaurant 1982 Photography
Alicia 1948
Alicia 1952 Enameling on Metal Special Award
Aline McDowell 1941
Alisande 1949 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
All 9-25 1988 Sculpture cast bronze and paint
All 9-25 1988 Sculpture cast bronze and paint
All Clear 1945 Water Color
All Geared Up 1947 Miscellaneous Handicraft, Unique Honorable Mention
All God's Chullun 1942 Ceramic Sculpture
All Hallows Eve 1942 Water Color
All in One Bed 1974 Graphics pencil
All linen mat 1947 Weaving
All My Roads Lead out of Town 1976 Textiles appliqued and quilted velveteen and satin
All Quiet, France 1946 Water Color
All Sirat Grotto Lions 1944 Freehand Drawing
All that remains 1951 Water Color
All the Fleet Is In 1933
All the King's Horses and All the King's Men 1968 Graphics Drypoint Juror's Mention
All the World's a Stage II 1974 Painting silk screen, pencil, oil
All together, boys 1941 Water Color
All Wool English Tweed 1961 Textiles, Any Medium
All-American Family Plus Dog 1974 Sculpture wood, cloth, metal, acrylics, and prisma-color
All-Round Club Woman on Mechanical Horse 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Honorable Mention
All-round Club Woman--Corset 1944 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Alla Natura 1962 Water Color and Pastel
Allah Hear Louisa's Prayer 1934 Illustration
Allegheny in October 1943
Allegheny Valley 1956
Allegory 1934 Decorative Painting
Allegory of the Mannikins 1952 Water Color
Allegretto 1950
Allegro 1948 Water Color Special Award
Allegro 1949 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique
Allegro con brio 1954
Allegro Maestoso 1959 Photography Honorable Mention
Allegro: Bowl 1954