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Title Artist(s) Year Category Mediumsort descending Awards
"The Dead bury their Dead" 1923 Sculpture
"The End of the Harbour," Boothbay Harbour, Me. 1923
"The Farm"--plate 1936 Pottery, Unique
"The Harbour Road," Boothbay Harbour, Me. 1923
"The Rip-Saw," "South Madison, O. 1923
"The Road to Thompson," South Madison, O. 1923
"The Wood Lot Fence" 1937
"Through the Looking Glass" by Carroll 1935 Book Binding
"Twas Strange," "Twas Wondrous Strange," Othello 1932
"Up the River at Upson's." The Flats, Cleveland 1923 First Prize
"Van" 1936 Freehand Drawing
"What Paintings Have to Stand For"-- Apologies to Daumier 1931 Water Color
"Winnie-The-Pooh" by A. A. Milne 1935 Book Binding
"X2 + A2 = r" 1930
"You'd be discouraged too" 1931
1. Health and Recreation (One of Two Groups for City Hall) 1920 Modeling for Sculpture
10 o'clock Shadows 1927 Water Color
105th Street Temple Grounds 1925 Architectural Rendering First Prize
12 Pieces (set) of ebony Sculptor's Modeling Tools 1939 Miscellaneous Handicraft
155 m.m. Howitzers 1930 Etching
1812 Fed. Art. Proj. 1939 Ceramic Sculpture
1890 Front 1938 Water Color
1931 in Retrospect 1932 Water Color
1st Avenue 1928 Water Color
2 Finger Bowls 1931 Pottery
2. Engineering and Building (One of Two Groups for City Hall) 1920 Modeling for Sculpture
4:00 A. M. 1933
6 A. M. 1931 Illustration
7:45 P. M. 1939 Water Color
8:00 A. M. 1924 Etching First Prize
9th Street Freak Show 1933 Illustration
A Woman of the Sabines 1929 Third Prize
A Babbling Brook 1928
A Back Street at Night 1926 Third Prize
A Barnyard 1937 Water Color
A Bell of Peking 1926 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
A Bit of Cleveland 1927 Water Color
A Bit of Cleveland 1920 Oil Painting
A Bit of Old Cleveland 1921 Oil Painting
A Bit of Old Lyme 1924 Etching
A Bit of the Park 1920 Oil Painting
A Blade of Grass 1929
A Book of Verses 1938 Batik
A Bouquet 1929
A Boy 1926 Second Prize
A Bright Morning, Provincetown, Massachusetts 1921 Oil Painting
A Brilliant Shot 1936
A California Pasture 1928 Etching
A California Ranch 1937
A Caricature from the South 1939 Illustration Honorable Mention