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Titlesort ascending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
Wind on the Meadow 1946 Water Color
Wind Instrument--Framed Panels 1957
Wind in the Thicket 1960 Freehand Drawing: Any Medium Including Pastel
Wind blown 1940
Wind blown 1946 Water Color
Wind before the storm 1941 Water Color
Wind and Winter 1950 Water Color
Wind and Waves 1932
Wind and Sun 1967 Graphics drawing
Wind and Sails 1955
Wind and Rain 1953
Wind and Mist 1939
Wind and Fire Damage, Yellowstone National Park, 1989 1990 Photography cibachrome print
Wind and a Red Dress 1957 Water Color Third Prize
Wind / Water 1983 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
Wind 1930 Miscellaneous Handicraft
Wind 1937
Wind 1940 Lithographs
Wind 1955 Special Award
Wilting roses 1941 Water Color
Wilting Lilies 1942 Pastel
Wilson's Mill, Canal Road 1948 Water Color
Wilson's Mill 1931 Etching, Drypoint
Wilson's Mill 1950 Water Color
Wilson Dam 1936
Wilmington Tenements 1945 Water Color
Wilmington 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Willy Lott's Cottage 1936
Wills Creek Country 1944 Water Color
Willows of Niagara 1929 Water Color
Willows in Mist, Wickliffe, Ohio 1919
Willows in Early September 1933 Honorable Mention
Willows at Bat Bridge Bay 1925 Water Color
Willows 1932
Willows 1934 Relief Cuts, Woodcuts, Linoleum Cuts First Prize
Willows 1938 Water Color
Willows 1925
Willows 1939 Water Color
Willows 1932
Willows 1939 Water Color
Willows 1941 Water Color
Willow, Pond, and Cloud 1983 Painting oil
Willow Weep 1952 Printing on Fabric
Willow Trees 1935 Water Color
Willow trees 1941
Willow Tree in Spring 1935 Water Color
Willow Tree 1930 Water Color
Willow Pattern 1929 Water Color
Willow in Early October 1934 Water Color Honorable Mention
Willow Bud 1985 Textiles wool