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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Thunderthighs 1978 Textiles batik
Ticket for a Wall 1978 Textiles linen, cotton, and rayon
Turk's Bottom 1978 Textiles dyed and stuffed linen with embroidery
Undulation: Warm 1978 Textiles stitched polyester fabric with rayon ribbon
Untitled Quilt 1978 Textiles handmade paper
Wool Sculpture 1978 Textiles crocheted wool
28 pages from the Book of Atlantic Waves 1979 Textiles linen, wool, and plexiglass
Beachcomber 1979 Textiles fiber, monofilament, and copper and brass wire
Blue Ladder 1979 Textiles wool and linen
Campanile 1979 Textiles wax resist with dye
Carolina Dreaminn' 1979 Textiles painted linen and mixed fibers
Cleveland Flamingo Drill Team 1979 Textiles satin, feathers, and velveteen
Dream Images No. 6--Annotated Quilted Banner 1979 Textiles mixed media
Dresden Plate 1979 Textiles quilted cloth and fiber filler
Fabrication One 1979 Textiles hand-painted batik collage
Fabrication Two 1979 Textiles hand-painted batik collage
Mayfield Road, Gates Mills, Ohio 1979 Textiles batik
Ooooo La La 1979 Textiles satin, lace, velveteen, and feathers
Paper Quilt No. 2 1979 Textiles brown paper bag, cord, cotton, and acrylic
Pyramids 1979 Textiles batik on Egyptian cotton
Red Descending 1979 Textiles machine stitched canvas
Rug III 1979 Textiles wool and linen
Sandillusion 1979 Textiles fiber, thread, monofilament, and copper, brass, and metal wire
White Arches 1979 Textiles wool and linen
Ancestral 1980 Textiles fiber
Box Quilt 1980 Textiles cotton with polyester batt
Compartments 1980 Textiles hand-formed paper and netting
Mary Louise's Box 1980 Textiles mixed media
Prenatal Thought Form 1980 Textiles hand-quilted cotton and satin with polyester batt
Public Square 1980 Textiles cotton and cotton/polyester with ribbon applique
Scroll 1980 Textiles sisal, jute, cotton, and Ixtle
Tangram 1980 Textiles dyed wool
Three Times to Go 1980 Textiles raffia and linen
Untitled 1980 Textiles quilted velveteen
#2 1981 Textiles cotton batik
A Place Where Hopes and Dreams Are Kept 1981 Textiles dyed cotton
Annual #1 1981 1981 Textiles cotton/polyester broadcloth with polyester batt
Beaded Collar 1981 Textiles mixed media
Blue and Orange 1981 Textiles hand-dyed wool and acrylic
Dispersion 1981 Textiles mixed media
Eddy 1981 Textiles hand-dyed cotton
Excess 1981 Textiles collage of hand-woven and loom-shaped cotton
Fabricated Landscape: Shifted Geologic Strata 1981 Textiles photo screenprint on silk, quilted
Family Reunion 1981 Textiles resist dyed on handmade paper
Futile Fence 1981 Textiles wool and linen
Groundnuts 1981 Textiles dyed cotton
Here a Deer, There a Deer 1981 Textiles screenprint on silk
Landscape Fabrication #42 1981 Textiles resist dyed and hand-painted cotton and canvas
Life Book 1981 Textiles mixed media
November #1 1980 1981 Textiles cotton/polyester broadcloth with polyester batt