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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Tidal Pool of Constant Wonder 1986 Textiles mixed media
Fragments of Time 1987 Textiles mixed media
From the Darkness Came the Light 1987 Textiles cotton
Next Time Around No. 3 1987 Textiles mixed media
Squares and Stars Four 1987 Textiles mixed media
Under Skies 1987 Textiles photo-screenprint on linen
66 1988 Textiles mixed media
Anima/Animus Reconcile 1988 Textiles mixed media
Area No. 2 1988 Textiles carpet
Blue Kudu 1988 Textiles stuffed cotton, feathers, and beads
Ceremony in Winter 1988 Textiles mixed fibers and stone
Fragment: Playing with Klee 1988 Textiles mixed media
Gloves of Scarred Vessels 1988 Textiles mixed media
Orange Spiral 1988 Textiles mixed media
Power Dressing, or Who Says Women Can't Wear Neckties? 1988 Textiles cotton and silk neckties and buttons
Skeleton Rodeo 1988 Textiles mixed media
Burning Bridges 1989 Textiles mixed media
Lock Carron Cove, glass beads 1989 Textiles cotton, wood, and acrylic
The Fire When It Comes 1989 Textiles glass and goldstone beads
Crazy Me 1990 Textiles drinking straws and fishing line
Epitaph for a Rain Forest 1990 Textiles handmade paper
Five Easy Pieces 1990 Textiles color Xerox, cotton, and beads
Passaic River Rainbow 1990 Textiles glass beads
Road to the Border 1990 Textiles color Xerox and hand-dyed and printed cottons
Spiral Vessels 1990 Textiles mixed media
Woven Family Quilt 1990 Textiles mixed media
Common Human Pathogens 1993 Textiles mixed media
El Arco del Perro 1993 Textiles mixed media
The Joy Bringer 1993 Textiles mixed media
Water Prayer Rug 1993 Textiles cotton and rayon
Matisse with White 1978 Textiles quilted dacron/cotton and broadcloth with dacron batt
What a Relief! 1979 Textiles quilted cotton/polyester broadcloth with polyester batt
Bittersweet XX 1982 Textiles cotton and polyester broadcloth
Gates Mill 1982 Textiles cotton and cotton polyester
Nutcracker 1983 Textiles silk, satin, and polyester blend
In Homage to Nora Crow 1986 Textiles quilted cotton
Jacob's Ladder I 1987 Textiles cotton
Pisces First Picnic 1988 Textiles
Disaster Blanket (Religious Warfare) 1989 Textiles wool, linen, and silk
Color Blocks III 1990 Textiles cotton
Native Fruit Peddler (Platter) 1984 Ceramics terra-cotta
Picnic 1984 Ceramics ceramic
Platter 1984 Ceramics earthenware
Platter 1984 Ceramics porcelain
Raku Form #7 1984 Ceramics raku ware
Reptilian Vessel 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Sequences 1984 Ceramics earthenware Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Tea Pot II 1984 Ceramics stoneware
Teapot 1984 Ceramics porcelain and bamboo
Terra Vessel 1984 Ceramics stoneware