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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Envelope Vase 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
Figure in the Shape of a Meditational Device 1986 Ceramics stoneware
Fish Vase 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Freedom Fan 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Maranga VIII 1986 Ceramics terra-cotta with glazes and lusters
Morning Briefs 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
One Night 1986 Ceramics earthenware
Open Jar 1986 Ceramics porcelain
PC Aura 1986 Ceramics stoneware and rope
Pierced Vessel 1986 Ceramics porcelain and wood
Pink Teapot 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Spined Vase with Dancing Seeds 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Table 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and glass
Teapot 1986 Ceramics porcelain
The Mean Dog 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
Totemic Structure #10 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Vase 1986 Ceramics Porcelain
Vase-Box 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
White Vessel with Triangle 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and underglaze graphite
Worms Wanted 1986 Ceramics glazed earthenware with engobe, stain, and glaze
A Gestured River 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Adam's Dream 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Back to the Basics 1987 Ceramics white earthenware
Ceramic Container 1987 Ceramics earthenware
City Pot No. 1 from Mall Series 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Column Vase 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Concretion Pot 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Container: When I Was a Small Boy I Fell into a Hole in the Woods Out Back. I Tried to Climb Out--but Kept on Falling Back In. I Don't Remember Ever Getting Out 1987 Ceramics stoneware and mixed media
Cycle on Pedestal 1987 Ceramics porcelain
Ewer 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Formal Planter 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Gravities, 2 1987 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors and low fire glaze Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Green Vase 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Homage to the Anasazi 1987 Ceramics earthenware and underglazes
Kite XXVI 1987 Ceramics porcelain, wood, and silk
Luster Bowl No. 2 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Man and Cat Falling 1987 Ceramics white earthenware
Midnight Opalescence 1987 Ceramics porcelain
Monument Valley Vase 1987 Ceramics terra-cotta Special Mention
Night Dancer 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Ode to Buck Rogers 1987 Ceramics stoneware
PC Aura--Spheroid Lidded Vessel 1987 Ceramics stoneware, wood, and leather
Ptah's Five Fire 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Railroad Tag 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Secret Pot 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Seemingly Significant Discourse 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Sidewalk Tag 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Spined Fandango 1987 Ceramics porcelain
The Agile Madman 1987 Ceramics stoneware Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
The Implacable Surgeon 1987 Ceramics stoneware Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics