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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
The Twins 1987 Ceramics stoneware
To Strike a Balance 1987 Ceramics porcelain with underglaze colors Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Trial and Error 1987 Ceramics earthenware and stains
Twilight Passage 1987 Ceramics low fire clay
Untitled (Mitten Form Series) 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled No. 2 1987 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled 1987 Ceramics stoneware
Vase with Static Fish Environment 1987 Ceramics stoneware, slip, and paint
View from My Couch and/or Beyond 1987 Ceramics low fire clay, slips with sgrafitto
Clay Vessel II 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Coiled Vessel III 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Cutting Loose 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Deep Scroll Vase 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Foliated Fugue 1988 Ceramics Porcelain
From Any Angle 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Guardians of Time 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Highway Viewer 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Just Like Downtown 1988 Ceramics stoneware and mixed media
Mirage 1988 Ceramics raku
Museum-Goers Vase 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Pitcher 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Pitcher 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Pouring Vessel 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Raku Bottle 1988 Ceramics raku Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Rococo Platter 1988 Ceramics earthenware Special Mention
Screamer 1988 Ceramics ceramic, fiber, and glass
Seasonal Settings: Dinnerware Set 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Sentinel 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Serving Platter 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Soul House (Dwelling in the Dreamtime) No. 2 1988 Ceramics terra-cotta and mixed media
Stoneware Bottle 1988 Ceramics stoneware Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Tan-S 1988 Ceramics porcelain
Temptation Temple Jar 1988 Ceramics earthenware
The Seven Sins 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Treat 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Trident 1988 Ceramics terra-cotta Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Untitled (1) 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled (2) 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled 1988 Ceramics earthenware
Untitled 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Untitled 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Vase 1988 Ceramics porcelain
Vazzer's Vessel 1988 Ceramics stoneware
Wilmington 1988 Ceramics stoneware
"Creature Comforts" - Series I 1989 Ceramics white stoneware
Barcelona Vessel 88-11 1989 Ceramics stoneware
Black Nub 1989 Ceramics earthenware Robert Mann $1000 Award for Ceramics
Cactus Vessel 1989 Ceramics terra cotta Special Mention
Deluge 1989 Ceramics terra cotta
Heart Form 1989 Ceramics earthenware Robert Mann $1000 Award for Ceramics