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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort ascending Medium Awards
Brooch 1979 sterling silver and gold plate
Brown Luster 1979 linen and beads
Chain Mail Belt or Necklace 1979 sterling silver, iron, ebony, and ivory
Fan Brooch 1979 14K gold, pearls, and lapis lazuli
Godzilla Returns to the Sea 1979 mixed and laminated metals Special Mention
Grey Brooch No. 1 1979 sterling silver, brass, copper, and enamel
Ivory and Silver Pin No. 1 1979 stering silver and ivory Special Mention
Ivory and Silver Pin No. 2 1979 sterling silver 14K gold, and ivory Special Mention
King Knows-It-All (Lies Buried Here) Pyramid 1979 sterling silver, copper, brass, 18K gold, plexiglass, and cloth Horace E. Potter Memorial Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship
Mutation 1979 sterling silver
Pawacok 1979 sterling silver, enamel, 14K and 24K gold and open
Rubber Fibula 1979 sterling silver, steel, pearls, and rubber
Twoi Finger Dinner Ring 1979 24K gold plate over sterling silver and moonstone
Untitled 1979 sterling silver, reticulated silver, and abalone shell
Vase (sterling) 1979 Sterling silver Special Mention
54 Alligators 1989 Sterling silver Special Mention
Bent Circles Pin No. 1 1989 bronze
Bent Circles Pin No. 2 1989 bronze
Charm Necklace 1989 sterling silver and 24K gold
Purse Piece 1989 mied media
The Hidden Farmers 1989 mixed media
Too Many Connections 1989 mixed media
Untitled 1989 copper and anodized aluminum
Yayakarwi 1989 sterling silver and micarta
Ebony Footed Bowl 1961
Wall Cross 1961
Christ with Mary and John Wall Shrine 1962
Dragon Box No. 2 1962
Dragon Box No. 3 1962
Head of Christ Wall Shrine 1962
The Magi Wall Cross 1962
Wall Cross 1962 Jury Mention
Argental Blue Tray 1963
Cigarette Box, enamel on gold, silver, copper, and black walnut 1963 Jury Mention
Holy Family 1963
Stamp Box, silver cloisonne and ebony 1963
Wall Cross: Christ in Majesty, silver cloisonne and ebony 1963
Wall Cross: The Twelve, silver cloisonne and ebony 1963
Wood and Enamel Box 1963
Box, Silver Cloisonne and Ebony 1964 Jury Mention
Cigarette Box, Enamel and Black Walnut 1964 Jury Mention
Wall Cross, Head of Christ, Silver Cloisonne and Ebony 1964
Wall Cross, The Resurrection, Silver Cloisonne and Ebony 1964
Wall Cross; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Silver Cloisonne and Ebony 1964
Wall Cross, Gothic Tracery, gold cloisonne enamel and ebony 1965
Vortex 1958
Walled City 1958
Watcher 1958
Watching and Waiting 1958
Waterscape 1958