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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Passage 1984 Graphics Etching
Pasture 1984 Graphics intaglio
Patterned Window 1984 Enamel or Glass wood, glass, and formica
Perpetuity 1984 Painting watercolor
Picnic 1984 Ceramics ceramic
Pigeons on the Roof 1984 Painting acrylic
Piggy Back 1984 Sculpture sandstone
Pink Flamingos 1984 Photography
Platter 1984 Ceramics earthenware
Platter 1984 Ceramics porcelain
Pop Goes the System 1984 Painting mixed media
Portrait of an Old Door 1984 Photography palladium print
Pyramid Series XIV - G 1984 Painting acrylic, ink, and graphite
Radial Link (environmental sculpture model) 1984 Sculpture bronze, wood, and stone
Raku Form #7 1984 Ceramics raku ware
Reconstruction 1984 Sculpture porcelain and metal rods
Red Hand 1984 Painting ink and acrylic
Red, Black Shapes 1984 Graphics ink and watercolor
Refracted Pears 1984 Photography ektacolor print
Reptilian Vessel 1984 Ceramics stoneware
R-G Dynamics 1984 Painting acrylic and assemblage
Ring of Fire #1 1984 Graphics linoleum cut
Ritual 1984 Graphics pastel and graphite Special Mention
River of Flight 1984 Painting oil
Rocket at Dusk 1984 Photography gelatin silver print Special Mention
Sage 1984 Sculpture mixed media
Salvage Series #2 1984 Painting oil
Salvage Series #5 1984 Painting oil
Scenes I thru IV, Listening to Rumors of Exploitation, The Hounds Expose the Secret Ingredient, Negotiating the Final Agreement, Waiting to Rescue the Chosen Partners 1984 Graphics Graphite
Seems Calm! 1984 Sculpture painted welded steel
Sequences 1984 Ceramics earthenware Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Sheet Music 1984 Painting watercolor
Shroud 1984 Photography gelatin silver print
Sisteme Bridgo 1984 Painting Acrylic Special Mention
Sleigh Ride 1984 Painting mixed media
Small Mall 1984 Sculpture terra-cotta and wood $1,000 Award
Smoosh (Magnified Felt) 1984 Other Crafts Stainless steel
Song of Songs, which is Solomon 1984 Painting mixed media
Southen Landscapes #2 1984 Photography color print
Spider Mums 1984 Enamel or Glass enamel and copper
Storm Painting #3 1984 Painting acrylic
Stormy Ridge 1984 Painting oil and acrylic
Structure #21 1984 Sculpture porcelain and metal rods
Sun-Echo 1984 Sculpture painted aluminum and stainless steel
Sweep 1984 Enamel or Glass glass
Tap Dance 1984 Sculpture mixed media
Tap Dancing 1984 Painting acrylic and oil crayon
Tara 1984 Sculpture mixed media
Tattoo Study 1984 Graphics Lithograph
Tea Pot II 1984 Ceramics stoneware