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Title Artist(s) Yearsort descending Category Medium Awards
Winter Garden 1985 Enamel or Glass glass and metal
Winter River 1985 Textiles mixed media
With a Fork 1985 Photography gelatin silver print
Yellow Coiled Pitcher 1985 Ceramics stoneware with overglazes Special Mention
Olympic Cheers 1985 Painting mixed media
Chair 1985 Other Crafts lacquered wood and cast aluminum an fabric $1,000 Award
Retirement--Florida, U. S. A. 1985 Photography infrared print
Sea Grass, S. Carolina 1985 Photography infrared print
60-6-28 1986 Photography collage and Vandyke print
60-7-27 1986 Photography Vandyke print
A Bitterness of Herte 1986 Graphics Pastel Special Mention
A Charm for Icarus 1986 Textiles wool
A la recherche du temps perdu 1986 Photography gelatin silver print
A New Pair on the Square 1986 Painting watercolor
Active Pets Are Best on Milwaukee Avenue 1986 Photography graphite and gouache on gelatin silver print
Another Telling 1986 Painting acrylic
Anxious Head-Red Green 1986 Painting casein
Aquaduct 1986 Painting oil
Arcade, Scene 1 1986 Photography color print collage
Babyman 1986 Painting acrylic
Back Alley - Palm Beach 1986 Photography color print
Backstage 1986 Photography toned gelatin silver print
Backstreets 1986 Graphics Lithograph Special Mention
Billiard Balls 1986 Graphics mixed media
Bird Watcher 1986 Ceramics glazed earthenware with engobe, stain, and glaze
Black-and-White Rhythms 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and wood
Bob's Place 1986 Ceramics low fire clay
Book Sculpture - Costumes of the Actor Mosna 1986 Other Crafts paperboard, leather, and book $500 Award
Book Sculpture - Pantagruel 1986 Other Crafts balsa, wood, leather, and book $500 Award
Brittle Heart 1986 Graphics woodcut
Buddha's Argument 1986 Painting Mixed media Special Mention
Cindi 1986 Photography gelatin silver print
City Poet 1986 Painting mixed media
Clay Tray 1986 Ceramics low fire clay, underglaze and overglaze colors, and lusters
Cleveland Greenhouse 1986 Photography infrared print
Colander Man 1986 Sculpture paper and wood Special Mention
Come on Down 1986 Ceramics low-fire clay, watercolor, chalk, and pencil
Competition: For Frederick 1986 Painting wax, powdered pigment, and oil
Contained Emotion #3 1986 Textiles mixed media
Contrary Theses (For Wallace Stevens) 1986 Painting egg tempera
Creature of Prophet 1986 Graphics Graphite
Dance Series 1986 #2 1986 Painting acrylic
Dancing Split Leaves with Seeds 1986 Ceramics porcelain
Dark Monday 2 Tuesday 1986 Painting acrylic
Deco Rainbow Pendant 1986 Jewelry and Metalwork opal, diamonds, and gold
Diagram 1986 Graphics watercolor and mixed media $500 Award
Docu-Drama 1986 Graphics watercolor and mixed media $500 Award
Downtown Dancin' 1986 Photography
Drawings, Three Pots on a Wall 1986 Ceramics low fire clay, underglaze and overglaze colors, and lusters Robert Mann $500 Award for Ceramics
Dream of Foreign Lands 1986 Graphics woodcut