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Title Artist(s) Year Categorysort descending Medium Awards
Pheable Phayble 1981 Textiles mohair, linen, and wool
Reflections on an Open Window 1981 Textiles cotton, linen, and wool
The Dreaming 1981 Textiles quilted fabric
Untitled Study with Buttons I and II 1981 Textiles hand-dyed paper, buttons, and thread
Untitled 1981 Textiles hand-dyed woven cotton
Untitled 1981 Textiles quilted muslin batik
Vessel 1981 Textiles rayon braid
Crested Kingfisher 1982 Textiles dyed, embroidered, stitched, and stuffed cotton and wool
Felted Pattern 1982 Textiles wool
Pittsburgh 1982 Textiles dyed muslin
Raven Rhythm 1982 Textiles cotton, silk, and linen thread
The Girl Becomes the Woman 1982 Textiles mixed media
Animal Screen 1983 Textiles screenprint on silk
Contradictions 1983 1983 Textiles cotton and cotton blend
Cow Carousel 1983 Textiles quilted fabric and found objects
Fabricated Cityspace: 4 Patch 1983 Textiles screenprint and photo brownprint on cotton, pieced and quilted
Garden II 1983 Textiles thread and plexiglass
Illusory Allusion 1983 Textiles embroidered and appliqued fabric
Painted Desert Landscape 1983 Textiles resist dyed and hand painted cotton and canvas
Portal 1983 Textiles wool and cotton warp
Warm Glove Quilt 1983 Textiles screenprint on cotton velveteen, quilted, and silk backing
Winter Forest 1983 Textiles cotton
Bernoulli Effect #2 1984 Textiles nylon webbing
Dalliance with Tubes 1984 Textiles persian wool and canvas
Deco 1984 Textiles quilted silk and satin
Doublecheck II 1984 Textiles aluminum rods, cotton, and linen thread, and acrylic
The Bird Room 1984 Textiles embroidered, appliqued, stitched, and stuffed cotton
Artifacts 1985 Textiles mixed media
Celestial Passages 1985 Textiles wool and silk
Earth Worship 1985 Textiles mixed media
Linen Walls with Knots Series, #5 (Shodowiko) 1985 Textiles linen and plexiglass
Outerspace II: Satellite I and II 1985 Textiles mixed media
Red Square Re-Squared 1985 Textiles wool and cotton
Untitled 1985 Textiles cotton thread, nylon, and copper
Untitled 1985 Textiles hand-printed cotton
Willow Bud 1985 Textiles wool
Winter River 1985 Textiles mixed media
A Charm for Icarus 1986 Textiles wool
Contained Emotion #3 1986 Textiles mixed media
Fancy Nancy - Happi Coat 1986 Textiles mixed media
For Jackson 1986 Textiles cotton, polyester, silk and dye
Four of Diamonds 1986 Textiles quilted satin, silk, and lame
Hexaemeron 1986 Textiles cotton
Keeping Time 1986 Textiles cotton, linen, wood, and paint
Keepint Time #4 1986 Textiles linen, wood, and paint
Monday in Middlefield 1986 Textiles cotton and polyester
Salute to Freedom 1986 Textiles embroidered cotton and polyester
Small Area #1 1986 Textiles wool
Small Area #2 1986 Textiles wool
Spin-Off 1986 Textiles cotton and polyester