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Title Artist(s) Yearsort ascending Category Medium Awards
Bridges 1922
Bright Morning in Chester Springs 1922
Brooch - gold enamel and black opal 1922 Jewelry
Brooch - gold enamel and Chrysolite & peals 1922 Jewelry
Brooch - gold enamel zircon and pearls 1922 Jewelry
Brooch, Amethyst 1922 Jewelry
Brooch, lapis-lazuli 1922 Jewelry
Brooch, mosaic and tournalines 1922 Jewelry
Brooch, silver with onyx stone 1922 Jewelry
Bust of Dr. Charles F. Thwing 1922 Modeling for Sculpture
Bust of George Leffingwell 1922 Sculpture
Bust of Mrs. Di Nardo 1922 Sculpture
Carved Gold Pendant 1922 Jewelry
Carved Ivory Pendant 1922 Jewelry silver and enamel
Carved Silver Bas-Relief Cigaret Box 1922 Medallions
Cassock 1922 Embroidery Second Prize
Cassock Belt 1922 Embroidery
Cassock cuffs 1922 Embroidery
Cathedral of Angers 1922 Illustration: Any Medium Second Prize
Chain, plique a jour enamel 1922 Jewelry
Chalice covering 1922 Embroidery
Chalice Covering 1922 Embroidery
Chartres Cathedral 1922 Etching First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Chicago River Scene 1922 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Child's Cup 1922 Silverware (Not Jewelry) Second Prize
Cloister Garden, Auray 1922 Water Color
Clovelly 1922 Illustration
Collar Trimming 1922 Crocheting
Collinwood Shops 1922
Condon Medal for Colby College 1922 Modelling in Low Relief Honorable Mention
Cottage Garden 1922
Country Farm Home 1922 Water Color
Courtyard in Venetia 1922 Freehand Drawing Honorable Mention
Crawford Notch, Mr. Webster 1922
Crocheted lace 1922 Crocheting
Crocheting (1) 1922 Crocheting
Crocheting (2) 1922 Crocheting
Cross Stitch Table Runner 1922 Embroidery
Cross, amethysts 1922 Jewelry
Dalmatic 1922 Embroidery First Prize, Penton Medal for Excellence
Danby Four Corners 1922 Third Prize
Dance Figure 1922
Dandelion Blows 1922 Water Color
December Landscape 1922
Decorated Box 1922 Furniture
Decorated Cabinet 1922 Furniture
Desert Winds 1922 First Prize, Miscellaneous, Penton Medal for Excellence
Deserted Dock 1922 Water Color
Design for a Cretonne 1922 Design for Textiles
Dining Chair (1) 1922 Furniture