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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
White Spats 1940
White speckled bowl 1944 Pottery, Unique
White Stole 1955
White Stole 1956
White stone bowl 1951 Pottery, Unique
White stoneware bowl 1952 Pottery, Unique
White stoneware vase 1951 Pottery, Unique
White Stoneware Vase 1952 Pottery, Unique
White Tamoku 1951 Pottery, Unique
White Tie-Upper Shaker 1926 Photography
White Tower 1949
White tray 1942 Enamel
White Triangles 1977 Textiles tapestry in wool, cotton, and linen
White Valley 1946 Water Color
White Vase 1937 Pottery, Unique
White Vase 1936 Pottery
White Vase 1935 Pottery
White vase 1940 Pottery
White Vase 1953
White Vase - Blue Lining 1936 Pottery
White vase, hand built 1941 Pottery, Unique
White Vessel with Triangle 1986 Ceramics low fire clay and underglaze graphite
White Wall 1951
White wash 1948 Water Color
White Windows 1951
White Wings 1950 Water Color Special Award
White with Black--Bowl 1956
White Woman 1972 Painting oil
White wool stole 1954
White Wool Stole 1961 Textiles, Any Medium
White Wool Stole with Silver 1960 Weaving
White, Brown and Silver Bag 1955
White, red, silver, Chevron 1942 Weaving
White-ash breeze 1938 Pastel
White-Crackle Sandwich Dish 1935 Pottery Honorable Mention
Whiteface Mountain 1930
Whitehouse, Chillicothe, Ohio 1948 Water Color
Whitehr Shall I Flee 1951
Whitewashed barn 1944 Water Color
Whitewashed fence 1946 Water Color
Whither 1953
Whither? 1942 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize
Whitney Farm 1939 Water Color
Who Me! 1956
Who Me? 1954 First Prize
Who Needs Televison 1951
Who Sent the Pick? 1933 Illustration: Any Medium First Prize
Who wants a broken dream? 1949
Who's Next 1939
Who's On First? 1988 Photography gelatin silver prints with laser digitized images